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 Hail the fastest god, Hermes! So, you want a message delivered?

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Hermes (Mercury)

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PostSubject: Hail the fastest god, Hermes! So, you want a message delivered?   Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:03 am

Name: Hermes Velox

Representative of: Mercury

Gender: Male

Age: 20 physically, and literally he is as old as the universe.

Brief personality: Hermes can't be exactly called a bipolar, but his actions are categorized into two personalities: warm and cold. His personality depends on your treatment of him or the day's weather or the things happening around him. In his 'warm' personality, he is outgoing, playful, and loud. He can be thoughtful, and he cares for everybody. Whenever he feels happy or wanting to go on an adventure or relaxed, he's in this personality. He's usually seen like this.

In his 'cold' personality, he can be scrutinizing, always insulting you whenever he has the chance or whenever he feels like it. He doesn't talk much, and prefers to be left at the side of things where he won't be dragged into a mess, only speaking up to insult. He is cunning and witty, and it would only be known once he opens his mouth. His gaze seems to be locked in a glare. Whenever he feels sad or angry or just negative, he spirals down into this personality.

He is named after a god, and his neutral traits (traits that can be seen on both personalities) are that he is eloquent, good at business, mischievous, quick (with his hands: his mischievousness, swiftness, and wit can make you lose your things), and knows his limits/when to stop.

Brief physical description: Despite his physical age, he only stands to 5'2", and looks really cute. He has pale green eyes with yellow flecks in them. He wears a track suit of some kind, as he's always on the move. In his warm attitude, his hair would be red, and his eyes would still be the same. In his cold attitude, his hair would be a dull red, almost brown, and his eyes would still be the same.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: He may not be in a religion himself, but he is worshipped in Roman and Greek religion/mythology.

Any special powers or abilities: He can run fast, and is lucky. Being a planet, he can also float, and change his body's temperature at will. (Since the planet is closest to the sun, I figured he'd have temperamental magic.) He can withstand extreme temperatures. He also has a good sense of direction, never getting lost.

His color in the chatbox is #CC3300.
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Hail the fastest god, Hermes! So, you want a message delivered?
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