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 Bow to me Peasant...

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Alaric K.(Buckingham P.)
Alaric K.(Buckingham P.)

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PostSubject: Bow to me Peasant...   Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:08 pm

Alaric Cyril Kirkland

Representative of:
Buckingham Palace


Human Age: 19 years old
Place Age: 313 years old

Brief personality:
Alaric is seen to be the type of person that acts like he is the king of everything and everyone, only treating people he deems worthy with respect while treating others like peasants. He doesn’t really take no for an answers and always expects people to listen to what he says. Alaric isn’t one to take orders from anyone and those who try he often either threatens or he ignores. In his mind he believes that he has royal blood in his veins and that if he wants something he will get it. He like other Kirkland’s have magic though he has a hard time controlling it, especially when he sees his own blood.

Brief physical description:
Alaric is seen to have short blond hair with long bangs that cover his eyes, a tiara resting on top of his head; his eyes are said to be a gray/silver color. He is a towering 6’7” and he has pale skin, there are times though where his Arms, Neck, Torso, and Hands are covered in bandages, but this is rare. His attire consists of a purple striped shirt and black jeans, along with a long black coat and boots. Most of the times he is out of his house he is seen wearing various types of necklaces each one being pretty expensive. He is almost always seen with a knife be it the ones he makes appear or the one he always has with him

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He can control various metals and rock.

Alaric’s color in the chatbox is #0099ff

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Bow to me Peasant...
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