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 I am the best Pastel Goth you'll ever meet~

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Axton N. Jones(2pMaleSC)

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PostSubject: I am the best Pastel Goth you'll ever meet~   Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:05 pm

Axton N. Jones

Representative of:
South Carolina


Human Age: 19 years old
Place Age: 353 years old

Brief personality:
Unlike his sister he isn’t really one to become violent, though he will use words to get to you instead, he will try and get to you by saying things that might set you off; but he doesn’t do this unless you have purposely gotten on his bad side. He is a slight sasochist but not as hardcore as his sister, he tends to ask people if he can do anything before doing anything to them. Much like his twin he loves demons and the dark arts, but it’s more of a fascination than anything else. He is quite the jealous type but he will try not to show it but sometimes he will let it show sometimes without even realizing he is. He enjoys drawing and listening to various types of music during his free time, though he will get flustered if someone manages to see his drawings.

Brief physical description:
Axton stands tall at a towering 6’6”; his hair being dyed a light lavender color that can be mistaken for white in certain lighting and his eyes being as red as rubies with hints of yellow in it. His skin is pale and smooth and is usually compared to porcelain, looking close enough you might notice freckles on his face and shoulders though he tends to hide them with make up. His attire consists of a white button up shirt that has a cross like pattern near the ends of the sleeves and a spiked bracelet; over the top of his shirt is a loose blue and pink sweater. He is usually seen wearing black skinny jeans and converses. On occasion he will be seen wearing a spiked, pale blue flower headband.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Like most American’s he has inhuman strength.

Axton’s color in the chatbox is #9999ff

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I am the best Pastel Goth you'll ever meet~
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