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 Death Is Man's Greatest Blessing

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Argoroth (Death)

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PostSubject: Death Is Man's Greatest Blessing   Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:16 pm

As one of the oldest demons in Hell, he has a typical demon name, with no surname or middle name.

Representative of:


Human: 29
Historical: Death has been around since life. Basically billions of years. But he appeared during creation.

Brief personality:
To say that Argoroth is a trickster is an understatement. He lies for fun to confuse people and he constantly lies to mess with them. Using his telekinesis to mess with humans, he finds their reactions, whether fear or annoyance, to be hilarious. Though when lying, that includes about all aspects of himself. He doesn't trust others to know about him, so he keeps his mouth shut about the truth most of the time and fabricates detailed lies. If he gets caught in a lie, he doesn't care, he finds it amusing.

He's a lazy individual who hates moving, talking, and doing pretty much anything, but the result is that he's almost constantly bored. He uses his telekinesis to levitate stuff so he can be lazy, and finds talking about normal stuff or hearing about other people's personal lives to be annoying. He doesn't care about others, and believes they would all be better off dead. He thinks everyone is ungrateful, untrustworthy, and malevolent, and that every kind act is a facade and has a selfish motive. He hates humans in particular, finding them to be pathetic and weak. He believes the same about demons though.

Despite being a lazy trickster who oversees the process of death, he doesn't wish to hurt anyone. More because it's tedious and not worth it than him being kind. Pestering him about this though would only annoy him, and perhaps spike his temper. He'd lie and refuse to talk about his emotions. He believes he has no capacity to love or care about others, and that friends don't exist. He says he knows this from experience, and that he has lived long enough to know that everyone is worthless and living is pointless.

Brief physical description:
He has messy black hair that's neck length, with a few strands that reach his chest. With red eyes and strong black horns, he has a menacing look. His hands and feet are claws and he has strong, dragon-like wings sprouting out of his back. He has sharp white teeth and a toned body, along with long, pointy ears. He has pale, almost grey skin, barely passing as a human-like colour. Around his eyes are dark so he always looks evil and tired. He hates clothes and pretty much always walks around butt naked.

From the Back:

Brief history:
Death is the termination of all biological functions that sustain an organism. Phenomena which commonly bring about death include biological aging (senescence), predation, malnutrition, disease, suicide, homicide, starvation, dehydration, and accidents or trauma resulting in terminal injury. Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death. Death has commonly been considered a sad or unpleasant occasion, particularly for humans, due to the affection for the being that has died and/or the termination of social and familial bonds with the deceased. Other concerns include fear of death, necrophobia, anxiety, sorrow, grief, emotional pain, depression, sympathy, compassion, solitude, or saudade. The potential for an afterlife is of concern for humans and the possibility of reward or judgement and punishment for past sin with people of certain religions.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He has the power to bring death to anyone with just the snap of his fingers, as well as direct the dead to either heaven, hell, purgatory, paradise, or limbo. He can also use powerful demonic magic, and his magic gets stronger when there’s fear or distress in the air.

He often uses telekinesis.

This character's hexcode is #333333.
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Death Is Man's Greatest Blessing
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