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 Don't Look At Me Like That...

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Atarah A. (Purgatory)
Atarah A. (Purgatory)

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Don't Look At Me Like That... Empty
PostSubject: Don't Look At Me Like That...   Don't Look At Me Like That... Icon_minitimeFri Sep 23, 2016 4:58 pm

Atarah Abaddon.

Representative of:


Human: 16
Historical: Timeless.

Brief personality:
Atarah is a stiff and standoffish young girl who is pretty ignorant of the cultures and customs of the words, but highly aware of the disgusting flaws of human kind. She is sceptical and rather jumpy, and she doesn’t trust anyone unless they earn it. Believing that she is powerful and she deserves to be treated well, she treats those who she sees as below her with disdain. Whenever she feels scared, she threatens the thing scaring her in hopes of scaring it back, though it hardly ever works. There are a few times when you will see her innocent side, such as when she is extremely happy or by herself.

Brief physical description:
Atarah has long white hair, with horns of fire sticking out the top. She has yellow eyes, and her hair emits a mist. She’s short at 5’4”, and she’s rather skinny and nimble with pale, almost white skin. With a gold ring around her head that represents her angel side, she can't take it off and attempting is painful. She typically wears cute clothes that are fluffy and comfortable.


Brief history:
In Christian theology, and especially in Catholic theology, Purgatory (Latin: Purgatorium, via Anglo-Norman and Old French) is an intermediate state after physical death in which those destined for heaven “undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven”. Only those who die in the state of grace but have not yet fulfilled the temporal punishment due to their sin can be in Purgatory, and therefore no one in Purgatory will remain forever in that state or go to hell. This notion has old roots.

The notion of Purgatory is associated particularly with the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church (in the Eastern sui juris churches or rites it is a doctrine, though it is not often called “Purgatory”, but the “final purification” or the “final theosis”); Anglicans of the Anglo-Catholic tradition generally also hold to the belief, along with many Lutherans of High Church Lutheranism. Eastern Orthodox Churches believe in the possibility of a change of situation for the souls of the dead through the prayers of the living and the offering of the Divine Liturgy, and many Orthodox, especially among ascetics, hope and pray for a general apocatastasis. Judaism also believes in the possibility of after-death purification and may even use the word “purgatory” to present its understanding of the meaning of Gehenna. However, the concept of soul “purification” may be explicitly denied in these other faith traditions as it is not scriptural but a development of the middle ages.

The word Purgatory has come to refer also to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of post-mortem suffering short of everlasting damnation, and is used, in a non-specific sense, to mean any place or condition of suffering or torment, especially one that is temporary.

Religious affiliation:
Christian, especially Catholic.

Any special powers or abilities:
She has powerful demonic magic, as well as powerful angel magic.

This character's hexcode is #996699.
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Don't Look At Me Like That...
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