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 Wait, you guys still use gas to power everything?!

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PostSubject: Wait, you guys still use gas to power everything?!   Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:09 pm

Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:52 pm    Topic: Re: Thank you and Help
Hello again! I have finished my character info and have included it down below! Thank you again for all the help you have given me!

Name:Radius Fawke


Age:Physical age-Seventeen National age-over one thousand and three hundred years

Physical Description:
Eyes:Hooded-shaped, Teal
Hair: Messy,thick,white
Height:Five feet six inches or a hundred and seventy one centimeters
Weight:One hundred fifteen pounds or fifty two kilograms
More Info:His apperance is that of a now wiped out race, the Dsugi.


Brief Personality:He’s generally a friendly person, but tends to ramble on and doesn’t really know when to stop until he’s interrupted. He leans towards being introverted and would much rather spend his time alone than in a group of new people. He loves inventing and figuring out how things work, sometimes to the point of risking his health. Despite being young he has prosthetic limbs, quite a few disorders caused by his stressful and fast-paced lifestyle, and has had several surgeries for organ problems. He has a strong dislike and fear of violence, due to his dark and war-filled past.

Personal History:

Representative Of:Fadril

Etymology:The original Kingdom was founded by Bentleye Fadrilo and was named after him.

Former Country Names:Kingdom of Fadril, The Great Kingdom of Fadril, Fadril Empire/Empire of Terror, Fadril

Day Formed:Sunday, October 13, 1577

Government:It’s supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, but corruption has made it just a little more than a Dictatorship.

Ruler:‘President’ Nayli Emson



Location:Different Planet/Alternate Dimension

Size:12.60 Million miles squared


Coat of Arms:


History:Fadril’s history is spilt up into four eras: Birth, Golden, Blood, and Rebound.
Birth Era: 1577-1710                                                                                                                       The Birth Era is not only when Fadril was first founded. It became the era that set the path Fadril continues to follow to present day. Fadril was founded as one of the smallest Kingdoms on the Continent. The third King, Kodyan Rhan, pushed for development in technology and science in 1642, to be able to compete with the much larger kingdoms surrounding it. Nothing was left out of the sudden push. Medicine, science, construction, and warfare experienced the fastest growth and became some of the most effective and potent tools the small kingdom used. The push paid off in 1685 when the other small kingdoms began annexing into Fadril, either out of fear of being taken over forcefully or to be able to join the growing power Fadril now had. The added land and ideas only accelerated the growth of Fadril as they gave way to new resources and science.

Golden Era: 1711-1846                                                                                                                     In 1700-1710 disease, war, and famine struck the entire continent and took a heavy toll on nearly every kingdom, excluding the well-prepared and technologically advanced Fadril. Due to this, the Kingdom earned the rightful title ‘The Great Kingdom of Fadril’. From 1712-1845, many people began to flee to Fadril for safety and better lives, adding to the continuously growing improvements with new ideas and the population to support it flooding in. Fadril shared their technology with the other kingdoms and nations freely. However, in 1838 the last small kingdom joined Fadril. There was a severe land shortage as people continued to flood into Fadril by 1840.

Blood Era: 1847-1925                                                                                                                       By 1846, there was hardly land for the growing population to live in. The people looked to the King, Billis Tanr IV, for guidance. No one, however, expected what he did. In 1847, Billis surprised the world when he cut off all trade with the world, pushed harder for more development, and attacked the neighboring kingdom, Veppim. Still weak from the disaster that struck before the Golden Era and years behind in technology, Veppim fell to Fadril within a month. New land was now available, but one thing was clear now: Fadril was the largest threat to other kingdoms. Every kingdom began to scramble to defend themselves from Fadril, but Billis continued to conquer kingdoms one by one.  Many kingdoms reverted to hiring spies to steal technology from Fadril for a fighting chance. The most effective spies were ‘White Foxes’, a rebel group of Fadril natives who wanted to stop the violent turn of the kingdom. White Foxes were mostly made up of Dsugi, white haired and pale skinned people from the southern parts of Fadril, hence the name. In 1898 Billis died and his son, Apollox, came to the throne. Everyone hoped that Apollox would end the ongoing wars. Instead, he swore to finish the war the same way it started. With those words, the once great kingdom was now known as ‘The Empire of Terror’ His first mission as king was to eradicate the ‘White Foxes’.  A mass genocide was instigated against the Dsugi in 1899 to wipe out the ‘White Foxes’. All of the kingdoms immediately withdrew their support for the Dsugi to stall the inevitable attack from Fadril. Without the other kingdoms’ support, the ‘White Foxes’ and over 90% of the Dsugi were eradicated in 1915. With the White Foxes gone, the rest of the Continent’s fate was sealed.  The flag was changed as a red wreath of laurels was incorporated into the design, representing victory through bloodshed. By 1925, the last Kingdom on that continent had fallen to Fadril.

Rebound Era: 1926-Present
Within a year after the last kingdom was conquered, Fadril had secured all its new land. Despite the new benefits and technology available to everyone still alive, no one was keen on forgiving Billis or Apollox. The hatred and distrust for the Monarchy only grew as the years continued. By 1939, Apollox desperately tried to salvage the reputation of the government. Several of his attempts included shorter work hours, higher wages, cheap and available health care, widespread education, even preserving the culture and ideas of the taken kingdoms. Despite these action, many people still hated him. One couple in particular, Tyze and Amelix Nayel, openly voiced their hatred and anger. Both had grown up during the Dsugi genocide in one of the former kingdoms. They published their opinions and the facts about the wars in their book Complacency. Two passages in this book sparked the Fadril Revolution in 1940. Apollox was dethroned and assassinated by 1945, the war ended just a few months later. The war-worn and now leaderless Nation scrambled to found what looked to be the most promising form of Government: A Constitutional Republic. By 1948 the first election was held for the temporary officials. These officials were to help in building the government until the nation had reached its goal of a Constitutional Republic. Many of these officials are still in office today, despite the Republic now being set in place. Now, history continues to write itself today.

Relations:In his own dimension/planet Fadril is now generally peaceful, but after the Blood Era none of the other nations dare trust Fadril (though no one is aware of personified Nations in his dimension). On Earth, Fadril has yet to reach out to the other Nations, though he would like to.

Major Exports:Technology, raw materials, fuel/energy, minerals

Religious Affiliation:A mix of a lot of things, but mostly a bit agnostic. They know science to very deep degrees, but they also know there’s more than what science can explain, what it is has been left up to personal opinion.

Special Abilities Extremely high IQ, knack for inventing, access to extremely advanced technology and the knowledge on how to use them.

(I couldn't figure out how to get the map and flag in the code, so I have them down here in these links.) Flag Map
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PostSubject: Re: Wait, you guys still use gas to power everything?!   Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:50 am

If you want to put a picture into your app, you can click this icon on the text box you see when typing:

Here's the code for your flag though:


Here's for your map:


Just copy and paste these into your app.

Also, if you need help finding a picture for your character, just shoot me a PM and I'll help you out.


Many believe that it's wonderful to be a nation.

But they forget...

There's the pain. The destruction. The loneliness.

Worst of all... matter what you do... will never forget the damage...

...of losing your closest friends...

...because you were too stupid to open your eyes and realise what you had before it was all

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Wait, you guys still use gas to power everything?!
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