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 H-Hello.. My name is Mia....

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Mia Williams(Lake Murray)

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PostSubject: H-Hello.. My name is Mia....   Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:44 pm

Mia Williams

Representative of:
Lake Murray


As a Human: 14 years old
As a Place: 89

Brief personality:
Unlike her outgoing brother Mia is calm and silent child. She isn't easily excited but when something catches her interest she will try to learn more about it. She is seen to have a love for doing art and will usually be seen helping her brother with outfit designs. Though she is a lot more calm and collected she can be a bit of a cry baby but she will do what she can to hide the fact she wants to cry. She is also seen to be pretty shy when she meets someone new.

Brief physical description:
Mia is seen to have long somewhat messy brown hair and green eyes. She is about the same height as her twin brother and she has pale skin like him. Her attire consists of a white frilly dress and a green poncho that her brother had made for her. On rare occasions though you might see her wearing a simple green tank top and jean shorts. She almost never wears make up.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
She has inhumane strength like his mother

Mia's color in Chatbox#339966
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H-Hello.. My name is Mia....
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