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 Why the fuck am I the 2p? I'm the original... (2p! Miyamoto Island App)

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PostSubject: Why the fuck am I the 2p? I'm the original... (2p! Miyamoto Island App)   Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:11 am

(Human Alias):
Sekihan Itsuki 赤飯依月 (an alias or stage name he made up for himself, literally translating as "red rice" -that being what he was eating at the time when he made up the name and "one who relies on the moon", denoting his practically nocturnal lifestyle)
(title of sorts):
Yamanbagiri Nagayoshi, 山姥切永吉


Roughly 23.

Physical Description:
Eyes: Yellow-ish amber, dark red when he has extreme bloodlust.
Hair: Originally black, now dyed reddish brown.
Height: 183 centimeters
Weight: 46 kilograms
More Info:
By most standards, Itsuki can be considered a conventionally handsome man. Pale skin, a thin nose, high cheekbones, and a clean shaven, decisive but not overly sharp jawline. His golden eyes are said to have a predatory appearance, as if they could bore holes into you just with his stare. He keeps his hair slightly longer than the average male and the longer strands fall to around mid-neck (it's cut in a rather choppy style). Naturally, his hair was jet black like most people in his country, but he dyed it on a whim (or simply to stand out). He's also notably muscular (thanks to intensive training), and part of his chest as well as his left forearm and right thigh are decorated with traditional-style tattoos.


Brief Personality:
Itsuki is usually seen as a conceited, bratty and immature but charismatic young man, as he generally tends to get what he wants when he wants it. Although he's very intelligent, he's quite lazy and has a very cynical attitude towards life; he believes that all humans are egotists and have no other purpose than to serve themselves. Being a skilled liar, he can also be quite charming and at times flirtatious, but he actually has difficulty expressing his true feelings and usually denies them; not to others, but to himself.
More often than not, Itsuki is seen as a cruel, spiteful bully, victimizing his duplicate Kunihiro for no apparent reason. The truth is, he doesn't hate Kunihiro so much as he hates the fact that having a duplicate means his own value is diminished. In retaliation to this, and in order to soothe his wounded ego, he brags about himself to others and pushes himself to his utmost limit so his master will respect him and bullies Kunihiro to the point of the other wishing he was never born. However, his master does not care about him, which adds to his frustration. Since becoming human, though, he has mellowed out a little and began to somewhat understand the concepts of empathy and compassion ( an extent).

Personal History:

Human Relations:
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro (1p!Miyamoto Island)- Although Itsuki had bullied Kunihiro for much of his life, it's implied that Itsuki may or may not have had feelings for him (well, that or he was confused about his sexual orientation). Whatever it may have been; guilt, unrequited love, or something else, Kunihiro's death was a tremendous shock to Itsuki.

Representative Of:
Miyamoto Island (宮本島)

Miyamoto, 宮本 in kanji (founder's family name).
However, 宮本 can also mean fortress, shrine, or castle.

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
Third of October, roughly around the 10th century.

Shogunate. (kind of like a monarchy)

Miyamoto Michio 宮本道夫.
(ruled over by the Miyamoto family since the 10th century)

They don’t really have an official capital, but the main town is Minatotoshi. (港都市)

Extremely zoomed in because the island is actually pretty small:

To the Northeast of Kaiyoshima in the Sea of Japan, 32 kilometers away from the harbor of Kiyosaki.

1012 square kilometers.


Coat of Arms:
A blue and red shield emblazoned with a white sun above two crossed katanas.

Even the in the strongest gale, we do not bow our heads to you.

Miyamoto-shima was founded by Miyamoto Tadashi, a feudal lord of Kaiyoshima, his wife Manami, and their sons. Many years after the civil war, because he opposed Emperor Katsuo, he was persecuted for treason by the then middle-aged and paranoid emperor, forced to flee Northwards to an offshore island between Kaiyoshima and Southern Japan. He named the isle Miyamoto-shima after his family. However, Tadashi still faced the danger of siege by sea from Imperial forces and recruited supporters to build a fortress to defend against possible attack. Fortunately, Emperor Katsuo died shortly after from liver cancer and his daughter and heir, Princess Kagura, removed the bounty on Tadashi's head, clearing the family of all crimes, and even marrying the Miyamoto family's third son, Atsushi, several years after ascending to the position of Empress. Miyamoto-shima became an officially-recognized independent state of Kaiyoshima, up till this very day.

Kaiyoshima- Relaxed, still trading partners, although Miyamoto Island is very insistent on staying separate and independent.
Japan- Trading partners, good relations.
Most European countries and the Americas- Surprisingly, there are a number of Western immigrants as well as many, many tourists, so it’s not uncommon to see the otherwise-unusual sight of foreigners walking around wearing Eastern clothing.

Major Exports:
Seafood (mostly crustaceans and shellfish, especially abalone), fine-crafted items like embroidered tapestries. The swordsmiths of Miyamoto-shima are said to be some of the best in all Asia but unfortunately there isn't much of a demand for traditional katanas aside from wealthy families in Japan and Kaiyoshima with an odd liking for pretty but expensive and possibly lethal-to-children ornaments.

Religious Affiliation:
Shinto buddhism.

Special Abilities
He’s the spirit of a sword and has a natural talent for fighting. Nagayoshi was best renowned for slaying demons (namely mountain witches or 山姥/yamanba) so he does possess some spiritual abilities. Also, he and Kunihiro can speak perfect English "in a standard dialect", unlike Mikazuki.

Theme Song(s):
Streaming Heart (cover by Soraru, originally sung by Hatsune Miku)


Voice Cast:
Soraru (an Utaite)。

Nagayoshi's color on the chatbox is #999999
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Why the fuck am I the 2p? I'm the original... (2p! Miyamoto Island App)
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