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 'ello! Welcome to wonderland~

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Victoria K.(Wonderland)

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PostSubject: 'ello! Welcome to wonderland~   Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:39 pm

Victoria Kingsleigh

Representative of:


She is about 19 in human years
As a place she is about 150

Brief personality:
Victoria is seen to be an outgoing and pretty odd young lady who is rarely seen with a frown on her face. Because of Wonderland's back ground her personality will switch from time to time though her main one is Childish and fun loving. While she has this personality she will be the kind of person to amaze people with various tricks and all sorts of magic, she tries to do everything in her power to make sure people around her are happy. Though most of the time she has this personality she can switch to one more serious and with this personality she is seen to be less happy-go-lucky and a little more serious and when someone tries to tell her she is wrong about something she will give them a little bit of attitude or sass depending on what it is. She tries to not be serious all the time and does everything she can to avoid anything that will make her have to be serious because she fears that if she does become to serious people will not like her and leave her behind.

Other than that it's easy to tell when she gets angry as her colors become more dull as he English accent turns more into that of a Scottish one and while she is like that she can act a little more violent, which gives her more of a reason to stay away from serious situations.

Though she is one to try and capture someone's attention she tries to not become too attached to someone because of the events that happened in wonderland. She has a fear  that if she were to get too close to someone they would get hurt because of her and she wouldn't be able to live with herself knowing that another person got hurt because of her.

Brief physical description:
Victoria is seen to have long wavy light blond[white] hair that usually has a pale purple ribbon in it. She is also seen to have pale skin and a blue eye[the other one it missing]. Her outfit consists of a dark almost midnight blue dress that reaches to mid thigh, along with thigh high socks, neither looking alike. She is usually seen with a white stuff bunny doll that has one gear like watch and red  eyes, that also as a red and black bow around its neck. She is also seen with a pale purple ribbon around her neck.

Brief history:
Wonderland was created by the imagination of a little girl named Alice, so that she could get away from the troubles of reality. During her time in Wonderland she met Victoria, along with the other inhabitants of Wonderland. Victoria was always with her, making sure that she was safe, since it was the little girl who created her. As years past, the Red Queen from Crims started to become jealous of the little girl and declared a war, wanting the girl dead. In response Victoria told the Queen of the Marmoreal[Kingdom of White] to protect Alice. Many different deadly creatures were used by the Red Queen, like The Jabberwock, The Bandersnatch, and the Jub-Jub Bird.
When the war was finally put to the end Victoria had Alice sent back to her world and used her magic to make the child believe it was all just a dream.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
She has a vast knowledge of magic and is pretty good at it. She can make things appear out of thin air and can cause things to levitate[including herself]. She can also summon The Jabberwock, Bandersnatch, and the Jubjub bird.

Victoria's color in the chatbox is #000066
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'ello! Welcome to wonderland~
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