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 App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia

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Ekaterina B~Yekaterinburg
Ekaterina B~Yekaterinburg

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PostSubject: App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia   App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia Icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2016 12:09 pm

Name: Ekaterina Braginskaya

Representative of: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Gender: female

Age: Physically looks about 18, historically about 293

Brief personality:
Ekaterina is a highly intelligent young lady; she loves to read and try to create/invent new things, or to improve upon things that have already been created. Ironically, math is not her favourite subject, but she still does well in the area. Only a few people may find her as a nuisance because of her constantly pointing out facts and flaws all the time, even in everyday speech. She has since then learned to tone it down, and does it less often. Like Belarus and Ukraine, she does love her big brother Russia quite dearly, but not in the same way. She is outwardly very calm, cool, and collected, and can be quite sweet sometimes. If provoked, or if she senses danger, she can be a very good fighter. She prefers not to because it reminds her of all the bloodshed that happened in her city location. She occasionally likes to go out and watch shows in her theatres, and go to the various museums located in her city.

Brief physical description:
Ekaterina is about 5'5'', and has very dark brown hair, which reaches just past her shoulders. Her usual outfit is a long blue dress with a royal purple shawl/cloak and tall brown combat boots. Her casual wear is a white or silver dress which goes past her knees. She wears a Chamomile flower in her hair. Her eyes are bluish-purple. While in her workshed, she wears a tunic and long pants.

Brief history:
Ekaterina was a very imperial and industrial city, due to the Tsar's metal-working businesses and current industry at the time. During the Revolution, Ekaterina helped hide and help the Russian royal family, using her inventions. Unfortunately, while she was away working, the family was found and executed, leaving Ekaterina heartbroken and feeling guilty for several decades. She eventually got used to it and dedicated her life to making better inventions in their memory. Her metal-working business exploded during the World Wars, and she had to put her inventions on hold for a bit. In present-day, she is back to working on inventions again.

Religious affiliation: Orthodox Christianity(?)

Any special powers or abilities: Not really, but she is constantly seen with a little metal dragon robot-pet named Alexander.

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PostSubject: Re: App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia   App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia Icon_minitimeWed Aug 24, 2016 7:16 pm

Hey, I'm Crystal and this is my generic account since I can't get into my other one (which is the Yekaterinburg one). So I tried to log into my account a while back and it wouldn't let me? I used all of my passwords and it still wouldn't let me in. I've emailed the address for help and I haven't receive a reply in weeks. I have no idea what's going on, but if someone could kindly tell me if they know anything about this, then much will be appreciated. Thanks!
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The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom

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PostSubject: Re: App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia   App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia Icon_minitimeTue Sep 06, 2016 9:27 am

I apologise, but I've been on Haitus due to personal problems. I'll give your account a new password and PM it to your silverdragon3752 account.

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PostSubject: Re: App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia   App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia Icon_minitime

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App. for Yekaterinburg, Russia
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