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 Pirate RP Redo

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Esmeralda Peña (DR)
Esmeralda Peña (DR)

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Pirate RP Redo Empty
PostSubject: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeThu May 19, 2016 1:43 am

An RP set in the dangerous world of privateers, love, adventure, and treasure. Who will survive? Only the fates may decide.....

So I know we tried this once but I feel three ships were too many. We will try for only a single ship, at first. There is only one position for each job on the ship. Spots held by characters in the other RP will be put on hold, until I receive comfirmation of whether you want the spot or not. If you do not respond, I will give your spot to another. After that, the picking will be mostly first-come first-serve, though if your persona is convincing enough I can make some changes and switch people around. There can be extra characters added but PLEASE TRY TO FILL THE MAIN ROLES OUT FIRST. P.S. Let's keep it to a maximum of two characters per OOC.

App Format:

Pirate/Not affiliated:
Brief Appearance:

Possible Positions:

Ship: (Information on each Pirate position: )

First Mate/Quartermaster:
Sailing Master/Chief Navigator:
Master Carpenter:
Master Gunner:
Cabin Boy: Feliciana Vargas

Other Possible Characters may include:

Witches/Voodoo doctors:
Sailors for Hire: Esmeralda Peña
Bounty Hunters (Hired to take down pirates): Mikazuki Munechika
Bar Wench:
Name: Feliciana Vargas
Age: 18
Pirate/Non-Affliated: Pirate
Occupation/Position: Cabin Boy
Personality: Feliciana comes from a wealthy Italian merchant family. She was tired of being stuck in tight corsets and ridiculous etiquette and has wanted to run away her whole life. Finally, her arranged marriage was the last straw. Her training in the art of seafare and combat came in handy. She fled and cross-dressed as Feliciano to become a cabin boy on the ship. Feliciana's only fear is what would become of her if the crew found out she was a woman. Feliciana tries to speak in a sailor's tongue, but there are cases where her high society vocabulary leaks out. She usually tries to stay away from the spotlight, but will always speak up against something unfair.
Brief Appearance: Feliciana has little-past her shoulders length (she cut it, originally to the small of her back), light brown, curly hair which she ties back in a messy, low ponytail. She hides her soft curves with large men's clothing and binds her breasts. Her eyes are amber-like with an everlasting fire of adventure burning inside them.

Name: Esmeralda Peña
Age: 21
Pirate/Not affiliated: Not Affiliated
Occupation/Position: Siren Talisman/Sailor for Hire
Personality: Born in Hispaniola, Esmeralda grew up on the high seas, so she knows every trick in the book. Most claim she's one of the best sailors around. Esmeralda loves for sailing and the sensation of feeling the sea's wind in her hair is like a drug. She is fiery and will stand her ground when fighting for something she believes in.  Her parents were killed by pirates when she was only starting to walk. Ever since then, she has had an overwhelming hatred for pirates. Little did she know her mother was, in fact, a siren. Esmeralda inherited her mother's entrancing singing powers, but keeps it to herself.
Brief Appearance: Esmeralda has thick, long brown hair and darker eyes. She is 5'7 and has full lips and long lashes. Her skin is naturally a darker olive tone but is more of a beautiful golden brown due to long hours on deck. Due to many lusting suitors and her demanding job, she isn't a fan of dresses and wears a pair of tight breeches, a loose ivory shirt, and thigh-high leather boots. She carries a mid-range pistol, a gift from her father, with intricate ivory patterns of sea life engraved on the wooden handle.

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PostSubject: Re: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeThu May 19, 2016 7:41 am

Name: Mikazuki Munechika
Age: 24
Affiliation: Japanese government/anyone rich enough to pay him.
Occupation/Position: Bounty hunter, (oddly enough) samurai
Personality: Despite his solemn job of hunting down pirates, Mikazuki acts like a surprisingly carefree man. Originating from the small island nation of Kaiyoshima in East Asia, he was originally hired by the government of Japan to track down and kill pirates in their local waters but since then he has expanded his horizons and become more of a hitman than a samurai. However, he does take the bushido quite seriously and if sufficiently offended, he'll whip out that scary tachi (long katana) of his and behead you without so much as a moment's hesitation. He's also quite accustomed to life at sea, although he is probably not your average sailor- he prefers to do as little physical work as possible, refuses to drink rum or beer (it's rice wine only for him), dresses traditionally despite the searing caribbean heat and does not exactly have an excellent sense of direction. It should also be noted that his English is not the best; comprehensible, but with a bit of a slur and as of the common Japanese/Chinese stereotype he cannot fully pronounce the letter 'L', instead substituting it with an 'R' sound.
Brief Appearance: At the height of 180 centimeters, Mikazuki appears rather intimidating and somewhat exotic from his Asian heritage which makes him stand out from everyone else with his porcelain skin, feline blue-gold eyes and silky black hair. He's infamous with his crew for wearing highly impractical-looking clothing such as an ankle-length traditional double-tiered kimono and black-and-gold headband, but occasionally he will wear a naval uniform. His tachi is almost always either sheathed at his side or strapped across his back. The sword is one of his distinguishing characteristics as it's quite well-known as the most beautiful of Japan's five heavenly swords because of its slim, tapering blade, intricately decorated hilt and the crescent moon-shaped uchinoke pattern.

Name: Kirsten Breena Leiffson
Age: 19
Pirate/Not affiliated: Pirate.
Occupation/Position: Quartermaster.
Personality: Hailing from the far north, Kirsten's haughty demeanor is as frigid as the ice fields of her homeland. She's quite stern, always the one to put a quick stop to any fights among her crewmates but the first to leap into battle. She can be quite temperamental and quick to anger, a result of her viking blood, but deeper down is the cold determination and watchful intuition of a hunter.
No one knows how she came so far away from her home in Greenland to become a pirate. The story is one of her many mysteries, as she is a mysterious type of few words.
Brief Appearance: Her skin is quite tan and her straight, back-length hair, occasionally braided with beads is brown-black, deriving from her inuit roots but her pale blue eyes tell a different story; they reflect that streak of nordic ancestry in her. Being quite small with a slim frame and an unimpressive height of barely 5'2, she can be quite agile and stealthy if need be. Kirsten's usual outfit consists of a loose white tunic, black corset (only laced semi-tightly as to not constrict movement) with a pleated red sash tied loosely over it, form-fitting brown trousers, worn down knee-length leather boots with white laces and a khaki shawl tied at her hips rather like a skirt. Holding her bangs back from her face is a dark blue bandanna embroidered with traditional nordic and inuit cross-stitching, pinned at the left side with a white cross-shaped barrette given to her by a friend and a silver filigree inuit pendant. She wields a pair of short hunting knives with carved whalebone handles, usually strapped to her forearms by leather braces. A pale scar runs from her cheekbone to her jawline, the result of a harpoon-related accident during whaling and a tattoo of a snarling polar bear is located on the back of her right hand.
Pic (Close enough):
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Eira Aesling (Sleria)
Eira Aesling (Sleria)

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Pirate RP Redo Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2016 1:05 am

Name: Amelia Aesling

Pirate/Not affiliated: Not affiliated

Age: 20

Occupation/Position: Witch

Personality: Amelia was born in a country with strong believes in magic, although not much people were guaranteed with those abilities. However, Amelia was a different story, at the age of 15 she discovered her ability to use magic, both dark and light but she prefers light magic.
She loves to discover new things and she is a curious girl. She is kind and caring; she can be very enthusiast and loves to learn about new things. She is always good-humored and is very hard working. She hates when there is injustice, something that developed due to some people wanting her and others witches and wizards dead. Multiple times she has to escape from guards of the king of her country and got caught once but could escape before they could kill her.
She would love to discover more about the world and not having to hide in a cottage in the forest.

Appearance: Amelia has long wavy back-length brown hair, a fair complexion and eyes as blue as the ocean. She has an average stature for being a girl but she doesn’t really mind.
She wears a long deep blue elven dress and has a black coat which she uses to hide her face when she is at the town so the guards can’t recognize her.

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PostSubject: Re: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2016 1:26 am

Im Soo-jin. [ 임 수진 ] However, she goes by John.

16. [Note: Her age is unknown to the crew, but they presume her to be around the late teens.]


Sailing Master/Chief Navigator.

At first glance, anyone could tell that SooJin is an excitable extrovert; which is very much true. Often going to bars (despite her being underage), she’d definitely be described as a partyanimal and enjoys spending times with others. In contrast to her wild behavior at night, she's rather lazy- often sitting at the captain's desk (Not caring if she gets in trouble, "there is only one life to live!" as Soojin would say.) looking over maps with sleepy eyes. Being a night owl that stays up until the bink of dawn, a shipmate, more often than not, can see her sprawled on the main deck fast asleep.
Usually, she acts childish around everyone; when it comes to elders or rank, she acts the same: no respect. Quite the mischevious one, really, despite knowing she'll be a sobbing mess if she gets in trouble.
Despite the rough lifestyle of a pirate, Soojin's rather sensitive and her feelings can get hurt easily, even if the person didn’t mean any harm. Disguised as a man, (Why? The Royalty who hired her back in Korea had instructed it for safety reasons,) this trait probably wouldn't help her situation at hand.

Brief Appearance:
With fair, untanned skin, anyone could tell she's from the orient. With a small nose and lips, her features are very petite. Some people are often surprised to how a 16 year old lacks any muscle muscle strength, and has bony limbs in replace of beefy ones- and, a man at the height of 5'0 often makes her the subject of teasing. With deep, brown eyes that shine bright in sunlight, Soojin is rather insecure about her epicanthic fold-less eyes, but that's the least of her worries. Usually, she keeps her short, black hair in a ponytail- just for accessorizing, really, as her hair is short enough to stay out of her face. Outfit wise, she left her hanbok back in Korea- now, she wears a typical sailor outfit. Breeches, and a white tunic, covered by a vest. Some little details that're hard to pick out include a high-quality, gold hairpin she got as payment  from the Korean royalty before joining the crew. Tattoo-wise, on her right shoulder, she has rows of Korean Writings and patterns that're often covered by her vest. On her forearm she has the words "낮말은 새가 듣고 밤말은 쥐가 듣는다 [Natmaleun saega deudgo bammaleun juiga deudneunda]" meaning "Birds listen to day-words and rats listen to night-words." The meaning is often interpreted to "the wall have ears; what you say may be overheard."  

Last edited by Im Soo Jin on Sun May 22, 2016 6:57 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Jack Curtin (Australia)
Jack Curtin (Australia)

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Pirate RP Redo Empty
PostSubject: YAR HAR FIDDLE DEE DEE   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeFri May 20, 2016 10:40 pm

Name:Jack Nicholson (Not the actor)
Pirate/Not affiliated: Pirate
Occupation/Position: Master gunner
Personality:loud, boisterous, and lazy, but he still is nice to everybody as best he can be!
Brief Appearance: Jack has a peg leg from a fight long ago. He wears a bandanna around his head, has emerald green eyes, and often times does not wear any shirt, showing off his muscular chest.
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Simeon Borisov (Bulgaria)
Simeon Borisov (Bulgaria)

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Location : Bulgaria, where else?

Pirate RP Redo Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2016 2:43 am

Name: Simeon Borisov

Age: 23

Pirate/Not affiliated: Pirate

Occupation/Position: Boatswain

Personality: Simeon can be seen as a bit aloof. He tries his best to do his job and tends to forget that he has to talk with the others outside of that. Though, he isn't really used to that - being social. Before he joined the ship, he had been son of a wealthy family who wanted to have nothing with those below him - instead, it was all suits and ties and manners. Though that never bothered him, he hated how their servants were taken care of, or just anyone in the town. While he had everything, the others had nothing. And that was something he couldn't stand.

Because of that, Simeon has a strong sense of justice. He wants things to happen as they should - not because one has money. In the end, that
feeling was what made him join the pirates. As a kid, he was told stories of how the stole from the wealthy and that was enough for him to prise them. It was enough for him to want to join them.

Simon is also ambitious. When he did get the bravery to join the pirates and became a cabin boy at the age of 16, he wasn't content with just that. He wanted to rise higher - and he had the qualities for that. Hardly even noticing, he became a boatswain. He wasn't surprised - even though he hates to admit it (at least to himself, no one knows of his history), he was used to commanding people to get things done. Though he would have preferred anything but this, he still took the job without a complaint. It was better than washing the decks.

Brief Appearance: Simeon has black hair, which he has grown a bit from hi
stay here. Often, he wouldn't deal with brushing it and kept it shaggy - not that anyone really noticed. In addition, he has bright green eyes - before, a symbol of his family, now just eyes. He also is tall and tends to stand high - no matter how much time he spends here, he never slouches. He also tends to stay as clean as he can, as he still can't stand being, well, unclean.
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Dallas Jones (Texas)
Dallas Jones (Texas)

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PostSubject: Re: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitimeSat May 21, 2016 8:13 pm

Dallas Jones


Pirate/Not affiliated:


Dallas is a "go with the flow" kind of guy. He is generally pretty easy to get along with and he likes to socialize with others when he can. Though he can be childish at times, he usually acts in a mature manner. He holds a high respect towards his elders and higher ranks. He takes his job as a rigger very seriously, though he'll never admit that he would like a promotion to something much more great.
Coming straight from the countryside, nobody is sure why Dallas decided to leave his home on the farms to begin a life at sea.

Brief Appearance:
Dallas stands tall at 6'1" and has a somewhat muscular build. He has messy brown-blonde hair that definitely needs to be given a trim. He generally wears a raggedy shirt and shorts, with a bandanna tied around his neck. With happy blue eyes, Dallas' face almost always has a smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Pirate RP Redo   Pirate RP Redo Icon_minitime

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Pirate RP Redo
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