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 Space RP!!

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Jack Curtin (Australia)
Jack Curtin (Australia)

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Location : Sydney, Australia

PostSubject: Space RP!!   Fri May 13, 2016 8:12 pm

So, My Idea is this.

On a Planet known as Ryuvia, People have been living in relative prosperity for mellinia. This all started with the Ryuvian Empire, which spanned most of the galaxy, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the clouds of war that had been looming over the galaxy for years had finally decided to unleash. And when it rains, it pours. The 2 main superpowers, known simply by most as "The Emerald Alliance" and "The Crimson Tide" have begun an absolutely massive, all out, war. Despite the size and adaptability of both factions, the mostly out of the way, neutral Planet nation of Ryuvia has become a hotspot for skirmishes between both "The Emerald Alliance" and "The Crimson Tide". One day however, both factions grow Tired of trying to make the nation join their cause peacefully, and decide to attack the capital of Ryuvia Prime. The city has been plunged into an absolutely ruthless warzone. The 2 superpowers are tied up fighting both each other, and the Ryuvian military. The Ryuvian military recieves an order to assemble an elite team to escort several VIPs, including an Admiral, and the King of Ryuvia. As the Ryuvians try to escort the VIPs to the nearby planet of Cera, it turns out that both the Crimson Tide and the Emerald Alliance had implanted into the ship that was being used as transport. This again caused the fighting to break out again, although now it is confined to the ship, known as the Arcadius. Who will prevail? Will the Ryuvians successfully escort their man to Cera, beating back both of the Galactic Superpowers? Or will the Emerald Alliance succeed in quelling the enemies, taking the VIPs hostage, and using the planet's control as ransom? Perhaps even, the Crimson Tide might win, putting on a public Execution, Demoralizing the enemy? The fate of the VIPs is up to you. Choose wisely.

Affiliation: (Ryuvia, Emerald Alliance, or Crimson Tide)
Specialty: (i.e. Explosives, Assault, marksmanship ect.)
Personality: (2 to 3 sentences)

Ryuvian Royal Guard: Enzo Vargas
Crimson Tide Special Forces: Anton Koval
Emerald Alliance Task Force: Jack Nicholson

Name:Jack Nicholson
Affiliation: Crimson Tide
Specialty: Heavy weaponry
Personality: Jack is a very determined, and very athletic kind of person, although he is very accident prone. Jack has a tendency to forget what he is doing as well. Despite this, Jack has a strong sense of wrong and right, and he will refuse orders that he finds to be Immoral.

Name: Enzo Vargas
Age: 18
Affiliation: Ryuvia
Specialty: Hacking and support
Personality: Enzo can be very submissive, and is very easy to break, however, he is the best hacker in all of Ryuvia. Enzo can often become overrun by rage, and he will rush into things that are extremely dangerous for seemingly no reason. Whenever somebody near him dies, Enzo starts to panic a bit, and might mess up with his hacking.

Name: Anton Koval
Age: 24
Affiliation: Crimson Tide.
Specialty: Pyrotechnical warfare.
Personality: Anton is an extremely volatile man, and could turn on, and try to kill even his allies at the drop of a hat. Despite this, Anton is extremely vicious, and often shows no remorse for anything, and will go to great lengths to make sure that his victim is actually dead (most of the time by continuously blasting them with fire). Anton has a belief that the Crimson Tide was destined to win the war from the very beginning, and will personally punish defeatism of any sort.
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Dallas Jones (Texas)
Dallas Jones (Texas)

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Join date : 2016-01-09

PostSubject: Re: Space RP!!   Fri May 13, 2016 9:17 pm

Name: Dallas Jones
Age: 18
Affiliation: Ryuvia
Specialty: Assault
Personality: Dallas is a generally friendly and loyal man to his allies, as long as they get along. He is a rather strong guy and he isn't afraid of attacking someone if necessary. He has a hard time dealing with technological devices, and gets easily confused by them. He can be quick to anger under stressful circumstances as well.

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Narcissa W.K [Solomon I.]
Narcissa W.K [Solomon I.]

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Location : The Beach

PostSubject: Re: Space RP!!   Mon May 16, 2016 1:19 am

Name: Narcissa Morgana Wohl-Kirkland
Age: 18
Affiliation: Ryuvia
Specialty: Medical assistance
Personality: When she grows comfortable around someone, Narcissa will turn into an explosion of laughter, chit-chatter, and pranks. However, she will never allow anyone to go beyond the boundary of what is morally correct, and will not be afraid of calling out people on their mistakes, even when it comes to her loved ones. Rudeness is Narcissa's weakness, and if there is one way to make her speak up and lose her quiet demeanor it is by displaying disrespectfulness.
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SS-A2 Miki ✯Mirainotochi✯
SS-A2 Miki ✯Mirainotochi✯

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Age : 16
Location : The Internet.

PostSubject: Re: Space RP!!   Tue May 17, 2016 4:38 am

Name: SS-A2 Miki
Age: 21 (for this RP)
Affiliation: Crimson Tide
Specialty: Stealth, marksmanship (essentially sniping), occasionally strategy.
As one of Crimson Tide's elite snipers, Miki is a professional, precise girl with a brisk no-nonsense, practical attitude that may be perceived as cold and inaccessible. Formerly an ordinary Ryuvian citizen, no one, not even those that are close to her, knows why she joined Crimson Tide and became a bloodthirsty soldier. Although she's a professional mercenary she's very volatile and susceptible to outbursts of bloodlust. Despite this, Miki is highly resourceful and possesses very sharp hearing, having been trained in music as a child. Music is one of her secret passions; although she left her past behind, music is the one thing she couldn't let go. If you listen closely, you might catch her humming very quietly on missions or when idle.

Name: Kaito Shirai
Age: 25
Affiliation: Ryuvia (pretending to be a part of Crimson Tide)
Specialty: Medical Assistance (It's actually espionage)
On first impressions, Kaito is one you'd least suspect of being a spy. Compassionate, doggedly loyal, and almost comical in his behavior, he seems like the most earnest, genuine person you could meet. Unfortunately, if you thought so you'd be fooled. Although he is truly a kind, caring man at heart he's a very good actor and fits in well and even though he doesn't like it, espionage is clearly something that he has potential for. However, his true motive for infiltrating Crimson Tide on Ryuvia's behalf is a good one; he only wishes to see his friend Miki get through the war unharmed. She may have turned her back on their country, but as they've known each other practically forever he only wishes to keep her safe.
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PostSubject: Re: Space RP!!   

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Space RP!!
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