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 (RP Idea - not sure how well this will work) Would you be my soul mate.

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Larus (Cryptids)
Larus (Cryptids)

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PostSubject: (RP Idea - not sure how well this will work) Would you be my soul mate.    Thu May 05, 2016 3:46 pm

This is something I've seen on tumblr a time or two.

Only attempted like once with someone, with at least 6 chars, between the both of us.

But the way it goes is that, like, the world is pretty much greyscale, until you find a soul mate. Once you do things are in color.

But you might not know who it was that caused it, bc it may be in a large group of people ((HINT HINT))

so my idea, was perhaps, ships people have on the site, for example, like, idk, a favorite ship you have with someone maybe? But both has to be in the rp really.

But do not pressure or force the other person into the rp if they don't want to be.~

so my idea of how to  RP this, was, having several people. (idk, 4-5 ships and maybe a few ppl without a ship in there)

and its just like a public setting,,? perhaps??

so onto the things, please try to keep just ONE ship from the ppl involved. Please. Like, say, Esmaralda and Jock, to be fair, Ali, nor Sofa could have another ship with any other person. So please be careful with who you choose as a ship! But you can have singles in here. As sort-of fillers.

please to keep things in a good order, however the posts go, as in (whoever goes first, second, third, etc) till the last person posts, will be the order things go in post wise. So that no one over posts between 2 people and everyone either has to catch up, or give up.

Please copy paste the code below, if you don't have any ships, just put N/A in the proper places please!
[b]Ship:[/b] (the chars in the ship)
[b]Soul Mates?[/b] not everyone has to be soul mates with each other ;)
[b]Any singles? List em.[/b]
[b]How should this take place? (Location, somewhere [i]PUBLIC[/i] please do suggest something!~[/b]
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(RP Idea - not sure how well this will work) Would you be my soul mate.
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