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 My weapons are the tool to protect the weak (WIP Ustron App)

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Raiden (Ustron)

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PostSubject: My weapons are the tool to protect the weak (WIP Ustron App)    Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:10 am

Name: Raiden (No specific last name)
Real name: Jack W. Hayter
Aliases: Jack the Ripper, White Devil, Snake, Mr. Lightning Bolt

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Physical Description:
Eyes: Blue Occasionally glowed Red
Hair: Silver
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 88.3 kg (194.7 lb)
More Info: Raiden's body is mostly artificial, and also independent for life support. His lower jaw has been replaced by an artificial replica, looking almost like a skeleton jaw. Also, some parts of his body have coatings of very strong titanium armor. Raiden's left eye is being covered by an eyepatch, however on his forehead is a bar code, but most of it is being covered by his bandana. He is also seen carrying his HFB(High-Frequency-Blade) Katana along with its scabbard, the scabbard can be seen in either his hip or back. His nails are made of sharp steel, allowing to use it as a weapon when his HFB Katana is unavailable.


Brief Personality: In his first appearances Raiden is a rookie agent who, as a result of training only in virtual reality, is inexperienced. However, he later reveals that he was feared as a child soldier known as "Jack the Ripper" who killed several enemies in a civil war and is ashamed of his past. This affects Raiden's personality; he begins to believe he is only useful in the battlefield. Manipulation by the Patriots causes him to believe he does not have free will. Raiden is encouraged by Solidus Snake not to be concerned with what people tell him but to rely on himself to face his problems.  Despite becoming a cyborg, Raiden still acted like a human.

Personal History: As a young child in the age of 8, Jack was subsequently raised as a child soldier, he undertook all training, from survival to gunfire. Jack was adopted by Solidus Snake, who became his godfather after he killed the former's parents, Jack's parents were a couple who had a son together. Some time after their son's birth, they were killed by Solidus Snake. He took their son, named him Jack, and raised him as a child soldier. Solidus revealed to Jack that he was the one who had killed his parents, Jack didn't quite understand why, but after a while, both of them are now equal.

When Jack was in the age of 13, the island Ustron was visted by a man named Glave and two girls, a teen looking about 16 years of age, and a younger girl that is 2 years younger than him. Solidus and Glave were acquaintances, so they quite know each other. This was the only time Solidus told Jack to take a breather and have some time with other people. After hours, a large explosion happened on the south of the island, Jack then felt sharp pain on his legs, ZEKE began to malfunction, causing havoc on the island, ZEKE shot multiple air to land missiles and Jack was caught on the explosion, due to this, he lost most of his limbs, and his lower jaw has been dismembered. Jack was rescued by Solidus and placed to safety.

After the incident, Jack found himself in the sick bay, filled with multiple life supports, unable to communicate. The island was visited by a representative from Japan, his name was Kiro Hiroshima (Hiroshima Kiro in Eastern) providing Cybernetic technology, Solidus made a deal with him, after Jack's reconstructive surgery, during Jack's surgery, the island began its reconstruction, it took months until the island and Jack himself to be recovered. Jack did not feel like what he was before, so he then changed his name to Raiden.

Representative Of: Ustron (ūstrōn / youstron)

Etymology: Ustron was once an island for research and development for weapons, until the ZEKE Incident occured, it became a  Hight-tech Military Island (R&D is still intact)

Former Country Names: Once named as "The Mother Base"

Day Formed: Formed in the year 2027, became independent in 2073.

Government: N/A

Ruler: N/A

Capital: [N/A]



Size: 5,119 square miles

Day of formation:
After the ZEKE Incident:

Coat of Arms:

Motto: As long as they're out there, there will be no end to the fighting.

History: The island was found in they year December 30 2026, Formed in the year 2027, became independent in 2073, but this island was founded in the 1970's as a mercenary base of the Diamond dogs and the Army of the Devil and named as The Mother Base.
Mother Base History:
Ustron grew bigger because of the artificial land mass being formed. Some facilities in the island have virtual reality training which allows people to practice their survival skills and tactics. It also manufactures war machines they call Metal Gear, Metal Gear is the designation to various models of bipedal tanks. Metal Gear are behemoth machines capable of decimating lesser machines. Metal Gear have the distinction of being nuclear capable, firing warheads from their rail gun, eliminating the need for a missile, or launchpad allowing them to attack targets from anywhere in the world, on any kind of terrain.

Sometime in 2030, Metal gear ZEKE began its construction as a weapon for peace, however 5 years after ZEKE's training and completion, a traitor manipulated ZEKE and began destruction of the island, leaving less survivors. 2 years after the incident, reconstruction of the island began, and new technology has been added, this technology is being shared with Japan.

Relations: Japan

Major Exports: N/A

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Special Abilities
Katana Mode: Raiden stands still, using his HFB Katana, cutting through any materials.
Ripper Mode: Same as Katana Mode, but allows him full and increased mobility.
Stormbringer: Raiden's HFB Katana focuses electricity power, allowing more damage to the target.

(The rest is still WIP)
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My weapons are the tool to protect the weak (WIP Ustron App)
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