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 Crime capital of North America, Gotham City.

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Linda Jones (Gotham City)

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PostSubject: Crime capital of North America, Gotham City.   Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:33 am

Name: Linda Jones

Representative of: Gotham City

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Historical age: Founded in 1635

Brief personality:
Gotham has a high crime rate, and it has taken a toll on Linda. She’s fairly quiet and tough, normally keeping thoughts and words to herself. Though she tries to calm herself down through breathing exercises and meditation, her anger management can be a large problem, and the only words that normally come out of her mouth are rude accusations. She has dirt on anyone she considers a threat, and lives based on the “Trust no one” Rule. Despite all of this, Linda has a big heart and even if she doesn’t know how to respond to someone being upset and her usual response to crying is punching it out of them, she tries her best to be a shoulder for a friend in need.

Brief physical description:
Linda is the female version of tall, dark and handsome, coming in at 6’9 she towers over most other cities and presents an intimidating air. She dyes her hair dark brown, however naturally it’s platinum blonde and is normally yanked back into a tight ponytail. No matter how hard she tries, no amount of hair gel could get the cowlick that sticks up at the top of her head to stay down. Her skin is rather pale, and she has a number of scars covering her arms and shoulders, and well as a rather long one going over her eyebrow and one over her cheek. Her eyes are a deep blue and makeup is something that she pretends doesn’t exist, not because of the femininity in it, but because it takes far too long to apply. Clothing styles for her is something that a mafia lackey would drool over, but she normally settles for dark colored turtlenecks and trench coats.

Brief history:
A Norwegian Captain Jon Logerquist founded Gotham City in 1635 and the British later took it over and colonized it. A group that idolized the actions of bat, including four founding fathers, had been said to have summoned a Bat-bird styled demon that, after going on a murderous rampage throughout the city, was sealed away in Gotham’s mine. During the American Civil War, it was defended by an ancestor of the criminal The Penguin, fighting for the Union Army. in the 19th century, Gotham was run by five rival gangs, and after years of war and bloodshed, as well as civilian casualties, they were scarred into forming on large gang by a masked man who called himself the Batman.

Religious affiliation: Linda herself is atheist, however her city is filled with mixed religions.

Any special powers or abilities: Linda has astounding investigation skills, eyes like a hawk, and has a vast knowledge about weapons and guns.
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Crime capital of North America, Gotham City.
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