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 Human or Ghoul~ It doesn't matter, You still look very tasty~

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Emiko Suzuki(14th Ward)

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PostSubject: Human or Ghoul~ It doesn't matter, You still look very tasty~   Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:52 am

Suzuki Emiko
鈴木 絵美子

Representative of:
14th ward


As a Ghoul: 19
As a Place: Unknown

Brief personality:
Emiko is eerie and odd, usually keeping her distance from large groups of people, a smile usually on her face. She doesn't really show any fear when it comes to CCG or other ghouls, knowing well that she is strong enough to defend herself. She is pretty outgoing and a bit clumsy, though she is quick to recover if she falls down she will quickly do a flip to make it seem like it was just a trick she was preforming. Though she might not seem like it she can and will get serious when she needs to and won't hesitate to hurt anyone that tries to harm the person she cares about. Emiko can be pretty mischievous and sneaky as well, when she needs to get information she is willing to go into a stalking mode so she can get it.

Brief physical description:
Emiko is a under average height teenage female, with short brown hair and grayish-blue eyes. Her casual attire consists of a gray, lavender, and purple sweater that has a single blood drop on it, a dark gray and red skirt that reaches to her mid thigh, fish net knee high socks, and black dress shoes. Emiko's hunting attire is that of a pierrot themed dress and mask, along with a lavender colored wig. She is almost always seen with a choker type necklace. There are times she is seen holding a severed arm she had either gotten from a human or a ghoul.
Normal Attire:

Brief history:
Not much is known about this ward, though what is known is that it was founded on October 1, 1932.
It is well known for the ghoul cannibalism trend that has been going on throughout a few different wards, it's because of these acts of cannibalism in this area and various other wards that ghouls with Kakuja are beginning to appear.
One thing that is known about this wards is that it contains the bar that goes by the name Helter Skelter, most ghouls come to this place to obtain information about other ghouls and wards from the owner named Itori, a member of the ghoul group known as 'Clowns'. Not many humans reside in this ward mostly because of the amount of ghouls that stay in the ward, though there are not a lot of incidents that involve ghouls that are known. Though their is kakuja type ghouls in the ward not many are known by the CCG and not many show themselves to humans that reside with them in the ward.
[Not much history for this Ward- Sorry-- I tried]

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Emiko's color in the chatbox is #CC66FF
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Human or Ghoul~ It doesn't matter, You still look very tasty~
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