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 We'll always be friends so cheer up! ;D

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Piper (Capypaland)

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PostSubject: We'll always be friends so cheer up! ;D   Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:04 am

Name: Pipa/Piper (From Capypa)

Representative of: Capypa/Capyperland (Noragami)

Gender: Female

Age: She is 18 physically, and literally she is 5 years old. (Noragami was made/aired on 2011)

Brief personality: Pipa is a cheerful girl, practically beaming with rainbows and sunshine. She likes children the most, and would do anything to cheer them up; it's in her name as a Capypa! She likes to be friends with everybody and can get pretty attached to anyone she has spent a minute with. She's the kind of person that tries to cheer up someone who is feeling down and sad. She is also optimistic, never the realist or pessimist. She believes that everything can be done with teamwork. (This is because Capypaland's workers work together to make the park so successful.) She's also very dense to the point that you can cry when trying to explain things to her. Living most of her life in Capypaland, she's familiar with regular visitors and children, and she knows everything that happens in the theme park.

Brief physical description: She's androgynous, but Pipa has a tall, slender build, contrasting the Land's Capypa big build. She has long blond hair (Capypa's color) tied into a ponytail and blue eyes. She wears a white shirt, a jacket with a Capypa on its back, jeans, and sneakers. She usually (always) has a smile on her face, and it won't be surprising that she's going to have facial cramps. Her jacket pockets contain candies and chocolates that she would give to children eveytime she sees one. She also doubles as a Capypa mascot, the get up including a Capyper suit with a pink ribbon on one of its ears, and a pink Capypa jumpsuit.

Brief history: "Once upon a time, the great ancestors of all Capypers lived on a wee little island far, far away. As it so happened, a terrible plague spread across the tiny land. Many Capypers fell to the disease, one by one, and their remaining friends lived in fear of what could become of them. But one day, a special Capyper came along. He said that where the sun rises, a world of happiness awaits. A world to which food is aplenty, and the weather is warm. A world of dreams and hopes, a world in which everyone can enjoy every day. 'Now let us set off on our voyage for the promised land!' The Capypers journeyed in high spirits, swimming eagerly toward the horizon. With luck, a group of Capypers reached the shore at long last. Their population quickly grew again, and they finally built this magical place we now know as Capyperland! Whaddaya think? Wasn't it a fabulous tale!?"
-Yato, Noragami Chapter 41

Capypaland/Capyperland is an amusement park centered around the mascot. It is very similar to Walt Disneyland as it is known as the land of dreams and many families are shown visiting it, though teens and older people seem to enjoy going there as well. There seems to be numerous concession stands, rides, and souvenir stands. They even have their own light parade, very similar to Disneyland's.

Capypas are a type of mascot popular within the Noragami universe, especially with children. (Especially with Yato.)
Yato-kun's moments, ufu~:

Mascot Physical Appearance:
General Info:

Plot (Mentions):

Religious affiliation: (Capypa religion, kinda like the religion Yato is in. ;P Jk.) N/A

Any special powers or abilities: Can stay in a Capypa suit for hours, even days, without breaking a sweat.
Is that even a special power.

Her color in the chatbox is #ffcc00.

Here you go, a last picture of Yato-kun and his friends. Forgive me Yato-kun! ;D:
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We'll always be friends so cheer up! ;D
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