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 Would you like some sake?

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Sayuri (Gion)
Sayuri (Gion)

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PostSubject: Would you like some sake?    Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:38 am

She only goes by her geisha name, “Sayuri.” But with her geisha name, she keeps “Honda” after it to preserve her family name.

Representative of:
Gion District, Kyoto, Japan.


Human: 20.
Place: Developed in the middle ages.

Brief personality:
Having been trained to be a Geisha, Sayuri’s personality takes on that of a geiko. On the outside, she seems calm; every step taken seeping with grace. What little spoken often came out humble, always full of respect. Behind her painted face is often a warm, welcoming smile: however, this is only pointed to certain people. Although she seems a bright and happy geisha to her customers, she’s often found taking orders from others rather than leading her own life. In fact, she usually relies on others rather than taking things into her own hands.
Also, having been trained a geisha, she has a way with men- flirtatious, but in the most humble way.

Brief physical description:
Graceful, elegant and exquisite are the most common words that fill a person’s mind when they lay eyes on Sayuri. A mask painted on her face, decorated with pouty red lips, the slightest amount of red eyeshadow surrounding her deep brown eyes and drawn on eyebrows. Draped over her body is a kimono: with subtle colors and an obi wrapped in the taiko-musubi style. On her feet, getas are found, sometimes hiding the tabi underneath. In the taka shimada or more commonly the sakko hairstyle, her deep brown hair is either put up or let loose, often glistening in the sunlight, moving swiftly with each of her movements.
However, without her heavily powdered face, her skin is rather tan, but has grown light due to her skin not seeing the sun too often. And when she's not dressed up, she can be seen wearing a simple haori over robes.

Brief history:
Gion (祇園,ぎおん)is a district of Kyoto, Japan, originally developed in the Middle Ages, in front of Yasaka Shrine. The district was built to accommodate the needs of travelers and visitors to the shrine. It eventually evolved to become one of the most exclusive and well-known geisha districts in all of Japan. The geisha in the Gion district (and Kyoto generally) do not refer to themselves as geisha; instead, Gion geisha use the local term geiko. While the term geisha means "artist" or "person of the arts", the more direct term geiko means essentially "a child of the arts" or "a woman of art".

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

N/A, other than being a trained geisha.
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Would you like some sake?
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