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 Hello Everybody! (Seychelles application)

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Laura Mancham(Seychelles)
Laura Mancham(Seychelles)

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Hello Everybody! (Seychelles application) Empty
PostSubject: Hello Everybody! (Seychelles application)   Hello Everybody! (Seychelles application) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2016 4:46 pm

Name: Laura Allah

Age: 19-20 (physical) 246 (historical)

Gender: Female

Representative of: the Seychelles

Personality:Laura is the kind of person who likes to hug people waaaay too much. She often times will be cheery and friendly with everybody, but sometimes, she has periods of desperately trying to get England on a leash and collar like he had done to her. Alas, Laura is needlessly loud quite often. She has a tendency to make people feel awkward without realizing it. Laura can be a bit kinky as a result of the whole, leash and collar situation with England. Laura doesn't show that side of her unless she is sure that nobody would be made uncomfortable by it though.

Physical: Laura is often seen with a swordfish underneath her arm, but often does not carry it around. She has darker skin, and brown eyes. She has hair that is tied with 2 red bows, and pushed over her shoulders. Laura wears a blue dress most of the time, but sometimes is seen wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra. Laura normally wears flip flops, and never wears things that cover her lower legs, ever.

history of the Seychelles:

religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

powers/abilities: N/A
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Hello Everybody! (Seychelles application)
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