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 よお大将。俺っち、薬研藤四郎だ。兄弟ともども、よろしく頼むぜ。 (Kiyosaki Application)

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PostSubject: よお大将。俺っち、薬研藤四郎だ。兄弟ともども、よろしく頼むぜ。 (Kiyosaki Application)   Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:49 am

Yagen Toushirou 藥研 藤四郎
*Originally, his full name was Seon Yagen/宣 藥研 (Yagen Seon in Western order)


22 physically, although he looks like he's 12.

Physical Description:
Eyes: Golden-amber/grey.
Hair: Black and shiny like silk, with a stray strand that dangles between his eyes.
Height: 153 centimeters.
Weight: 90 lbs.
More Info:
Often mistaken for a child, Yagen has a slender, childlike body (although he does have some muscle, a surprisingly toned torso and forearms, and is a lot stronger than you’d expect from what looks like a fourteen year old kid.) His diminutive height may be caused by the fact that he was a rather sickly child, causing his growth rate to slow down significantly. He shares a lot of physical attributes with his brother and sister, including silky ebony-colored hair, an oval face shape, long, flexible fingers, and proportionately long, slender legs (yes, shapely legs are a family trait they share). However, he stands out from his older siblings in the fact that he is ambidextrous and can skillfully use both right and left hands. Usually, Yagen can be seen wearing either a simple white hooded sweatshirt and shorts or an adapted version of a slightly old-fashioned Japanese military uniform, colored navy-blue with silver and white trimmings, consisting of an outer jacket, mid-thigh length shorts, long black socks, black gloves, a white button-down shirt underneath, and a black tie. On his left shoulder is what appears to be a lacquered samurai-style shoulder guard, and sheathed in his belt is a short sword (tanto). Occasionally, he may be seen wearing a double layered kimono/yukata similar to his brother's, but shorter and less elaborate, in a darker color, and lacking the pair of intricately carved metal plates. Many people who meet him for the first time will probably feel startled by his relatively masculine voice, in contrast to his shota-like appearance.
However, according to his master, he would be considered a bishounen (美少年/pretty boy) by most standards if he grew taller.


Brief Personality:
Despite his small, childlike stature, Yagen acts like a mature, responsible adult and is modest, gentle, and calm (well, albeit being rather sassy and even somewhat tsundere), in contrast to his formerly ambitious, impulsive (but nowadays rather lethargic) older brother. Although he’s a little sensitive, he doesn’t get angry very easily, even when others tease him about his height. In some ways, he is his brother’s polar opposite, but they are more alike than you might expect. They are both observant, intelligent, quick to learn, smart-mouthed and also share some musical talent- they would often perform together for family guests when they were children, most often with Mikazuki playing Shamisen or Ryuuteki (literally ‘dragon flute’) and Yagen playing Koto (zither).

Personal History:
Born as the second son of a noble family his parents naturally had slightly less harsh expectations on Yagen, as he was a bit of a sickly child. They wanted him to be a scholar, but Yagen was envious of his physically adept older brother Mikazuki, who learned the martial arts and sword fighting as well as ‘boring stuff’ like music, history, and literature. As they were very close, Mikazuki offered to teach Yagen some of the stances and forms he’d learned. When Yagen was four, his brother suddenly blurted out that he could see the dragon of his birth year, the Rat dragon, which immediately came to his parents’ attention. Two years later, Mikazuki was taken away to be trained to become a Dragoneye candidate and they did not see each other for over a decade (except for a very rushed and awkward visit in which they did not speak to each other). Before he left, Mikazuki presented his brother with a short sword he had once used, and insisted that Yagen keep it.
Mikazuki regularly wrote letters to his siblings (they also had a sister, Mikage), until his master found out and banned him from doing so. Terrified by what his brother had described in his letters as well as the concept of leaving home long-term, Yagen denied it when his parents inquired if he had the gift of dragon-sight like his brother. The truth is, he did have it. Not only could he see the dragon of his birth-year, the Tiger dragon, he was able to see the others as well. He kept his secret well, until one day when his sister found out, but she swore not to tell their parents; it was too late anyways, at the time, Yagen was thirteen, whereas Dragoneye candidates had to start training by the age of eight at the latest.
When news arrived that his brother had officially become the Rat Dragoneye, Yagen looked forward to seeing his brother again, but found himself very disappointed and rather offended when Mikazuki’s visit to the family estate was very brief and stiffly formal, plus he ignored his younger brother the whole time. Mikazuki never visited again during his time as Dragoneye Lord, until the second year of his exile after the civil war when he returned to the capital city.
During Mikazuki’s brief stay with the family, Yagen became extremely ill, infected with a disease the physicians could not understand (he later found out that it had been acute myelogenous leukemia). As a last resort, to save his brother from death, Mikazuki took Yagen to a saniwa (shinto sage) who infused the boy’s spirit into the dagger that Mikazuki gave to Yagen over a decade ago. As the blade was crafted by Toushirou Yoshimitsu, Yagen took on the title and later met Ichigo Hitofuri, the head of the Awataguchi Clan (the family consisting of all the swords made by those of the Awataguchi sword-making school), and joined the family.
Nowadays, Yagen is studying medicine at the university of Tokyo in Japan, living up to his name which roughly translates to ‘Medical Research’. He’s also the leader of a steadily rising boyband called "Shounen Heishi" (少年兵士, roughly translated as "boy soldiers") consisting of himself, Midare, Nakigitsune, Yamanbagiri, and Akashi.

Human relations:
Mikazuki (Kaiyoshima)- Yagen’s older brother. As children, they were very close, until Mikazuki was taken away to train as a Dragoneye candidate. They pretty much never spoke again, until Mikazuki returned to the capital city prior to his return to the Imperial Court.
Mikage (fem!Kaiyoshima)- Yagen's older sister. They were very reliant on each other after Mikazuki's departure. After Mikage's disappearance and eventual return, he was the one who recognized her first and convinced their parents to help her.
Ichigo (Awataguchi School)- Yagen's honorary brother. They are not related by blood, but his sword-body was created by the same person (Yoshimitsu Toushirou), thus linking him to the rest of the Toushirou family/Awataguchi clan.

Representative Of:
Kiyosaki, Kaiyoshima.
(Katakana: キヨサキ, Hiragana: きよさき)

N/A (The translation was not recorded in the historical scrolls, and the city has always been referred to using hiragana after the name was changed.)

Former Names:
Shénlongshi (神龍市, literally meaning ‘Heavenly Dragon city’)

Day Formed:
Eighth of February.

Emperor Lee Min-Joon and Empress Xia Xiao-Feng.
(In Kaiyoshima, ever since the civil war, the Empress is also a recognized head of state.)

On the Northeast coast of Kaiyoshima, facing the Sea of Japan.

Roughly a third of the size of Hong Kong (approximately 143 square miles)

N/A (same as Kaiyoshima’s)

Long ago, the landmass that Kaiyoshima was part of was connected to mainland Asia and the Japanese archipelago by land bridges, which soon eroded away, leaving it as a largely uninhabited island. In 600 BC, it was settled by explorers from Japan, China, and Korea, who saw the potential of the relatively-large, isolated land. Initially, it was nothing more than a stop-over refill station for merchant ships passing by, but as time went on, more and more people began to settle there and it developed its own culture, which was largely borrowed from neighboring nations on account of the settlers' original nationalities. Kaiyoshima remained as a shared territory of China, Japan, and Korea for a long time, never really declaring independence, but neither of the three countries truly claimed it as strictly theirs. It was a neutral land. However, when the tensions ran high between Japan and China, Kaiyoshima cut off relations, not desiring to be caught up in warfare.
Between Japan's Edo period and the present, Kaiyoshima has never directly fought in a war against another country, but there have been a few civil wars, mostly between imperial heirs for the right to rule.
Kiyosaki (originally named Shénlongshi) was one of the first areas to be settled by the first explorers, mainly because of its strategic location, relatively flat land, and perfect natural harbor. The Imperial Palace is located at the heart of the Capital City, and other significant structures are the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese embassies, Grand Auditorium, Imperial Mausoleum, the Twelve Dragon Halls, and the Thousand-Year Shrine in the hills.

Other cities in Kaiyoshima- Connected by a vast network of trading routes.
Miyamoto Island- Neutral, leaning towards positive. Mutual trading partners.

Major Exports:
Fish, natural resources, rice. However, their economy mostly relies on tourism.

Religious Affiliation:
Mostly Shintoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Special Abilities
Yagen has the dragon-sight (he could see all of the dragon-spirits), but he did not train to be a Dragoneye. He’s a pretty good doctor and when he was a child, he was regarded as remarkably clever. Being a sword spirit like Yamanbagiri and Ichigo, he is able to wield a sword and hold his own in a fight, but only when it's his own blade.
Also, his voice has a inhuman, creepily wide range. Naturally, it's rather deep and mature, but he can raise it to a boyish pitch befitting of his childish appearance without straining (no one knows how he does this).

Yagen’s color on the chatbox is #336699

Theme song (Ugh I can't pick between all of these):

Donut Hole (singer unknown)

Not sure if this vid would be considered triggering because implied suicide:

Senbonzakura (Kagamine Len's version)
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よお大将。俺っち、薬研藤四郎だ。兄弟ともども、よろしく頼むぜ。 (Kiyosaki Application)
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