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 Hello, How may I help you? [Anteiku App]

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Touka Kirishima(Anteiku)

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PostSubject: Hello, How may I help you? [Anteiku App]   Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:03 pm

Kirishima Touka
霧嶋 董香

Representative of:


As a Ghoul: 21
As a Place: Unknown

Brief personality:
Touka is seen to sport a gentle smile and warm personality towards those she is close to or those who come into her work place. Though at time she can have rash attitude. She will express a cold demeanor along with a harsh glare to those who piss her off or do anything that upsets her friends. Though mostly, she is caring and sweet towards those she is close to and would do almost anything to make sure they are safe. Touka can also be bit reckless and Ruthless when it comes to certain things, especially when it comes to the CCG. It is seen that she has ornithophobia, this may have stemmed from caring for a bird when she was a child only to be pecked near her right eye that she then covers with her bangs.

Brief physical description:
Touka is a slender teenage girl noted for being attractive. She has dark straight her cut into a bob and long bangs that reach her chin, covering the right side of her face. On the outside, she is considered a cute, normal girl that one wouldn't suspect to be a ghoul. Her facial features and hairstyle bears a resemblance to her mother and her brother, to the extent that Banjou thought she was him at first. She normally wears her waitress or high school uniform but her casual clothes are tomboyish street wear. As Rabbit, she wears a long coat jacket, rabbit mask and blonde, or sometimes a pink wig to conceal her identity.
Normal Attire:

Brief history:
Anteiku (あんていく, Anteiku) was a small neighbourhood café in the Tokyo Ghoul series.

On the surface, the cafe appears innocent, plain, and pleasant. However, at its heart, it is also an organization of ghouls of the 20th Ward. It provides aid and food for ghouls in need, manages the feeding grounds of the ghouls in the 20th Ward, and collects food for ghouls by searching for the bodies of those who have committed suicide.

Anteiku has two floors and a basement. The ground floor is the café itself, where the customers come through and the coffee is brewed. There is some storage space and a meeting room on the second floor. The second floor also contains living quarters for some Anteiku members, including Touka Kirishima and Hinami Fueguchi. The basement is a hidden floor underneath the ground floor where human meat is stored. There is also an entrance to the 24th Ward here.

Due to its influence, the 20th Ward is considered docile in comparison to other wards, and has been neglected by CCG.

By tacit agreement, the ghouls refrain from hunting human customers of the cafe.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Ukaku Kagune: Her kagune comes from her shoulder, forming into a single black wing. As a typical ukaku-type ghoul, her strength is mainly from her enhanced speed and firing projectiles. Her tendency to rush in for the killing blow catches her opponents by surprise. She can cause serious damage by either focusing her Kagune in a single focused attack or firing a flurry of bullets. From a distance, she can rapidly fire a volley of rounds to overwhelm enemies. When striking a single attack, her kagune can pour down a linear strike that grinds surfaces and can even wear down a Koukaku kagune. She also can use her kagune as a shield and to enhance her punches, as seen when she fought Tsukiyama. But as a typical ukaku user, she has a short Rc supply and her strength diminishes as the fight drags on. In :re, her kagune can form two complete wings and her projectiles are much larger in size.
Fayre's color in the chatbox is #993366
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Hello, How may I help you? [Anteiku App]
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