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 "Don't touch Master or I'll shove my ice pick through your eye."

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Taito Shirai (N. Riviera)

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PostSubject: "Don't touch Master or I'll shove my ice pick through your eye."    Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:49 am

Taito Shirai


21 (since Kaito’s 25 and Akaito’s 23... he’s the youngest one, right?)

Physical Description:
Eyes: Purple, darker in the sun and paler in artificial light.
Hair: Dark purple, almost black
Height: (idk what height to make him .-.)
Weight: Lighter than he looks.
More Info:
One of Taito’s most notable traits, is that he’s almost permanently wrapped in bandages, mostly on his arms, legs, and torso. He has a fair complexion that contrasts against his dark hair and also wears a medical eyepatch over his right eye and never takes it off for any reason, which makes many wonder if he actually lost his eye in a fight (it’s actually still there, but it’s dark red instead of purple like the other one). Taito dresses similarly to his brothers, his usual outfit consisting of a black coat, worn completely unzipped with no shirt underneath to show his bandaged chest or it might just hang off his shoulders instead of being worn, with purple cuffs that have a horizontal gold stripe down the middle, loose dark grey pants, and of course, a ripped purple muffler that occasionally seems to be stained with blood.
Taito’s physique is rather thin, to the point of being unhealthy. When shirtless, his spine and all his ribs are clearly visible and jut out unnaturally.


Brief Personality:
He’s best described as a ‘yandere’ sort of character. He’s very close to his “master” Akemi and has a deep, obsessive affection towards her which she actually encourages. Despite it immediately being obvious that Akemi is the more dominant one in the pair, Taito is highly possessive of her and any stranger that approaches her is regarded as suspicious or some form of competition to him. He’s also described by his family as a ‘black sheep’ and Kaito actually reckons it’s either unlucky or just highly unsettling to be around him for too long. He is a fiercely loyal ally but a frightening enemy when scorned or crossed.
He does have a hidden ‘yandere’ side, which usually surfaces when he ‘snaps’. He claims not to remember anything he might have done while in yandere mode and have no control at all, but he does get some form of flashback.
Very Triggering:

Personal History:
Taito was created after Kaito and Akaito, but he seemed to be defective, so the creator, Hayate Hayami, considered discarding his AI, but the two successful AIs, Kaito and Akaito, took pity on the defective one and requested that Taito be made their younger brother. Hayami grudgingly obliged, as he did not particularly like the idea of having to destroy several months of work. However, Taito was never shown to the public alongside Kaito and Akaito, and ended up being stuck on Hayami’s PC in his apartment, causing him to become very lonely, and he would often pine for his family to return home.
Sometime after Hayami’s company Crypton Future Media became successful, Taito was also given an android body and finally shown to the public. During this time, he met Akemi, one of Hayami’s later creations, also the company’s official mascot, and developed a very strong attachment to her as well as a sort of creepy ‘master-slave’ complex.
Hayami suspects that Akemi has been interfering with Taito’s maintenance so his defective persona cannot be fixed, but cannot catch her doing it or find any evidence so he cannot place any blame on her at the moment.

Representative Of:
North Riviera, Tiberius.


Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
13th of November.

Partial anarchy, although it's still a part of Tiberius.

Unlike the orderly system of West Riviera, which has a mayor, North Riviera does not have a formal judicial system and is mainly run by gangs or corrupt tycoons.



The North-eastern side of Tiberius.

Slightly smaller than West Riviera. It's still one of the largest cities.


For centuries, North Riviera has always been the poorest, least-developed region in all of Tiberius. Tiberius in general is regarded as a highly civilized nation, but North Riviera is regarded as the nation’s slum. It’s as if all the crime and poverty has gathered in one city. As a result, the city is often shunned and ignored by the government, as the previous mayor, two hundred years ago, was assassinated by enraged mobs. Nowadays, North Riviera is largely run by gangs or the very few corrupt tycoons that still remain there, although they still have to answer to the National Congress.
Despite their bad reputation, North Riviera still retains its industry in metal-smelting and is one of the largest-producing cities of steel and brass.

West Riviera- Not exactly good...

Major Exports:
Factory-made items, mostly metalwork. It’s rumored that there’s a drug dealing system but no one has ever discovered proof of this.

Religious Affiliation:

Special Abilities
Similarly to his brothers Kaito and Akaito, Taito can upload himself onto a computer. He also has notably more stamina and pain endurance than an average human, as well as superhuman strength when he’s in ‘yandere mode’.
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"Don't touch Master or I'll shove my ice pick through your eye."
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