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 Ni Hao! Name's Lin!

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Lin Wang (Beijing)

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PostSubject: Ni Hao! Name's Lin!    Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:02 pm


Mandarin: Wang Shi Lin. (王石林)
Western: Lin Wang.
Other Nicknames: Ji, Ping. (Not Beiping, bad memories.)

Representative of:
The Chinese Capital, Beijing.


As a human: 16.
As a place: 736 years old as the official capital, the city itself is about 3-4,000 years old.

Brief personality:
Lin is very excitable and childish, She enjoys playing games ranging from Hide & Seek to Mortal Combat. Lin can get very emotional about little things, then shrug it off and continue as though it were nothing. Being the capital, she can get cocky at times, but that’s rare she plays it off modestly. Lin may be very caught up on modern life, but she still likes to take a day or two to relax and appreciate the past, but that’s unusual as most of the time she’s doing work. Maybe she is responsible, but that doesn’t stop her from partying, she loves to go out with her friends and go shopping, eat at different places, and other fun things! Though, she is a cry-baby and her feelings can get hurt very easily, she even cries thinking about her past. One thing she does enjoy doing is watch rom-coms, as she can't help but be a hopeless-romantic.

Brief physical description:
Her height is 5’4, about the average height of a Chinese woman. Lin’s face is that of a Han’s. Epicanthic folded dark brown eyes, thick pouty lips and round cheeks. Dying hair is a modern trend, so of course she did it. Her hair is dyed a Medium Neutral brown, it was originally jet black (Since it’s dyed, the color can fade. So you may be able to see her with black hair.) Her hair is either styled into tight twintails or just let loose, though she often curls it. The most noticeable thing about her hair other than her stylishly messy bangs is a strand of hair sticking up, similar to an ahoge. It represents Beijing’s tallest building, “China World Trade Center Tower III”. Outerwear consists of cute patterned crop- tops along with shorts and skirts, maybe a few text t-shirts as well, and on chilly days a big pink coat to keep her warm (Based on Beijing Street Fashion.) Makeup wise, she tends to go for a natural look, but for parties she will go all out with red lipstick and thick eyelashes. In general, her looks seem rather cute and childish.
Human FC:

Brief history:
As far back as 700,000 years ago, the primitive tribe of ‘Peking Man’ was dwelling in Beijing’s Zhoukoudian area. However Beijing (originally named Ji) has been established as a capital for more than 3,000 years. From 221 B.C., Beijing was a town of military importance in Northern China and from 938 A.D., Beijing took on the role of the capital of Peidu, Jinsheng Du, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.
Beijing first served as the capital of a united China in 1264 when Kublai Khan’s victorious Mongol forces set up what they named the Great Capital to rule their new empire, from a northern location closer to the Mongol homelands. After the fall of the Yuan Dynasty in 1368, the capital was moved back to Nanjing, until 1403, when Zhu Di, the 3rd emperor of the Ming Dynasty, moved the capital back to the North again and gave the city the name of Beijing. The city held onto the capital role through the Qing Dynasty and into the revolutionary ferment of the early 1900s. After the Kuomintang government moved the national capital to Nanjing, Beijing became Beiping, to emphasize that it was no longer a capital. However, the Kuomintang were defeated by the Communist forces, and in late Jan 1949, Beijing gracefully surrendered to the Communist regime to become the capital city of New China.

Religious affiliation:
Agnostic. (The major religions of the Beijing Area are Confucianism and Taoism, worshiping ancestors and gods. Religions that Originated in China.)

Any special powers or abilities:
None, for the most part. She knows Tai-Chi (and many other Chinese martial arts), despite how weak she is.
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Ni Hao! Name's Lin!
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