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 Welcome to the future! (Mirai-no-tochi app)

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SS-A2 Miki ✯Mirainotochi✯

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PostSubject: Welcome to the future! (Mirai-no-tochi app)   Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:53 am

Codename "SS-A2 Miki"
Her human name was Nakahara Akemi/中原 明美 (Reversed in Western order)


Late teens, around 19.

Physical Description:
Eyes: Clear rose-pink, almost glass-like.
Hair: Light red, reaching her back, with a notably long, question-mark shaped cowlick.
Height: 165 centimeters.
Weight: 75 kilograms (those carbon fibre bones of hers are pretty lightweight).
More Info:
As she had been turned into an android, Miki looks extremely different from how she looked naturally. Her appearance is doll-like, retaining the fine-boned face, small, lithe frame and tiny but slender hands she had as a human. Her skin is pale, flesh being synthetic flesh-simulant made from a carbon compound. However, she has visibly robotic joints in her elbows and knees, with USB ports on her upper right arm and thigh and a miniature computer screen embedded in the underside of her left forearm. Usually, Miki wears outfits, mainly shorts or miniskirts and knee-high boots with a black and white color scheme to contrast with her vibrantly-colored hair, black and pink striped stockings and in general a galactic, sci-fi like design. More often than not there can be a star motif located somewhere. A belt with the digital letters "A2" on the buckle is wrapped around her waist, and she often wears wireless headphones. Of course, as she's an android, her skin is cool to the touch, but not cold.


Brief Personality:
Often perceived as cold, abrasive, and defensive, Miki is really a shy, slightly jumpy sort of person. She hates surprises, being snuck up on, occasionally the dark, but generally the unknown. She will deny this and claim that she's not easily scared and will even force her friends to watch horror films with her just to prove this but while she may be putting up a brave front in front of others or even smiling creepily, she could honestly be dying of fright on the inside. Although she's good at hiding her fear, her emotions occasionally get the best of her and she can lash out- with severe consequences on both sides- if provoked. Miki is also a rather feminine, slightly self-conscious girl and will constantly refuse to let anyone take her photograph, claiming to be anti-photogenic.

Personal History:
The android known as SS-A2 Miki was once a human girl named Akemi Nakahara that lived with her parents and brother in Fukuoka, a city in Southern Japan during the 2890's. Since the year 2880, intelligent humanoid extraterrestrials from a planet called Philippi located in the nearby star system Alpha Centauri had been visiting the Earth, and this particular race had set up base in Japan. It was when Akemi was thirteen that she met their leader- a male android who went by the codename "KAITO", had blue hair, and that happened to speak her language fluently, not to mention sing with a beautiful voice. They first met by accident, when Akemi had been lingering around a convenience store after school and Kaito happened to be exploring the town. Noticing that he had looked curious, she offered him the ice cream she was about to eat, and after tasting it, the android fell in love with the food, thanking her sincerely for the gift and declaring that he would be her new best friend. Initially quite puzzled that she had just been befriended by a robot, the young girl grew to become quite fond of him and often wondered how something artificially made could seem so human. She soon realized that having a robot for a friend had its benefits; Kaito would help her cheat in quizzes and tests, thus allowing her to become an academic star in her school for a while- until it got too suspicious- and she terrorized her former bullies into submission with a few well-placed threats. As an alien and a robot, Kaito did not understand at first that her behavior was wrong, but after spending more time amongst humans, he picked up a few ethical notions and later reprimanded her for it. As she respected his wishes as well as realizing that it wasn't right anyways, she stopped using him to manipulate others. When Akemi was eighteen and just about to finish high school, her family began to slowly break apart. While studying abroad in the United Kingdom, her brother had been shot dead by a terrorist, thus creating cracks in her mother's already-fragile mentality. It was at this very inconvenient time that her mother found out that her husband had been having an affair for the past three years and proceeded to hunt down the other woman and decapitating her. Horrified, her father had his wife arrested immediately, put on trial and imprisoned before she could get to him. The loss of both her brother and mother caused Akemi to plunge into a period of depression, which was added to by the fact that Kaito and his people would soon be returning to their own planet. When word got out that they wished to take with them a human volunteer if possible, Akemi jumped at this opportunity, unwilling to be separated from her friend. He took her with him gratefully, after receiving consent from her father, and departed that summer. Even with warp-drive spacecrafts faster than the speed of light, the flight would take over four months. Approaching the end of the journey, the craft suffered a malfunction which caused oxygen levels in the cabin to lower drastically, but it did not affect the Tiberians, as they did not require as much oxygen to survive than humans. As he was not aware that humans needed roughly 20% oxygen in the air they breathed, Akemi suffocated and died in her sleep. Upon arrival in Tiberius in an attempt to resurrect his friend, he did the only thing that seemed logical to him- he had her turned into an AI. However, to his utmost grievance, although the process was successful, she was resentful that he tried to resurrect her, even going so far as to say the deeply injuring phrase "I'd rather die than become an unfeeling chunk of metal." Shortly after she acquired her android body, Akemi took on the codename SS-A2 Miki, left him to create her own micronation and isolated herself from him. They have not spoken to each other for over three years at present. It is noted that they miss each other terribly, but Miki is too proud to apologize and take back what she said, while Kaito fears that their relationship has derailed entirely and although he loved her and wished to tell her this, he finds himself unable to tell her for fear that she would reject him. He still constantly eats ice cream as a comfort food in remembrance.

Representative Of:
Mirai-no-tochi, a Micronation within the People's Democratic Republic of Tiberius.

Land of the future (literal translation from Japanese.)

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
31st of August.

Democracy, partial anarchy.

None in particular. Decisions are made via voting.

A small town in Southern Tiberius named Caliray.

N/A (locations scattered)

Various, mostly on the internet, a couple small towns in Tiberius.

A small population of barely 3000.


Coat of Arms:

Unity in diversity.


Tiberius- Slightly awkward...

Major Exports:
None, really. Mirai-no-tochi is not a very successful micronation.

Religious Affiliation:
Atheist, but regarding her other beliefs Miki secretly wants to believe in altruism despite that she denies it and acts really cynical.

Special Abilities
Miki has an affinity with technology, and can project herself into a computer, as she is essentially a piece of coding. Through this method, she is able to teleport (the speed of Information is even faster than the speed of light).  She has a distinctly mellifluent and almost inhumanly perfect singing voice (although it's slightly flat and robotic), but it doesn't really count because it's been programmed and tuned to be flawless through software.

SS-A2 Miki's color on the chatbox is #FF9999.

Theme song: Satellite (SF-A2 Miki)
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Welcome to the future! (Mirai-no-tochi app)
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