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 Kon'nichiwa.. What do you want?

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Sachiko Honda(Shibuya)

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PostSubject: Kon'nichiwa.. What do you want?   Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:01 pm

Sachiko Honda

Representative of:


15 years old (as a human)
130 in literal years

Brief personality:
Sachiko is seen to be a pretty silent girl, as well as not very social around people. There will be times she will be a little social with people, though it is pretty rare for her to have to socialize. Though much like another child, Sachiko does get pretty curious about things, most of the things she has never seen before. She does have a lot of respect for some people though when someone insults her family she will show no respect, as well as act pretty rude towards said person.  It is seen that she is quiet fond of art/designing outfits and practice fighting with a katana.

Brief physical description:
Sachiko is a rather short girl, her height being 5'4". She is also seen to have long ebony black hair, most of the time her hair covering up her face, though on rare occasions she is seen with a sakura hair clip keeping her bangs out of her face. She has fair, slightly tanned skin as well dark brown eyes. Her outfit usually consists of a light gray and lavender colored kimono, that has a flower pattern on the sleeve. On rare occasions she is seen wearing a dark red scarf, that she recieved from her mother.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

Sachiko's color in the chatbox is #993366
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Kon'nichiwa.. What do you want?
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