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 Masr Om El Donia.

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Gupta Hassan (Egypt)

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PostSubject: Masr Om El Donia.    Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:02 am


Gupta Muhammad Hassan. ( غوبتا حسن محمد )

Representative of:
The Arab Republic of Egypt. ( جمهورية مصر العربية )


Human: 22.
Place: Founded on 18 June 1953.

Brief personality:
A young man with a mysterious and individualistic atmosphere. He is described as quite stubborn, but is also friendly and family-oriented. It is said that he maintained an elegant and high-class civilization since the ancient times, and was able to maintain his own culture despite having been occupied by both Rome and the Ottoman Empire, as well as the British empire. He is also described as robust and faithful, though it is difficult to tell what he is thinking and he may do things half-heartedly. In a picture of several nations sleeping, Egypt is shown lying down with his eyes open positioned with his arms crossed like a mummy. In the modern day, it is said that he has been cleaning his house, excavating, overturning things, and petting cats.
He is quiet, and is rarely seen talking in the series. However, according to character notes, he is rumored to actually be very talkative. He is first shown speaking during the Christmas 2007 event, where he asks France if he would like to buy a pot, and he verbally refuses a request in a blog entry asking to see him smiling and without his keffiyeh.

Brief physical description:
Egypt has light brown skin and wears a khaki uniform. His eyes are green and have upward corners, though in early artwork they are a golden brown color. His head is covered with a white keffiyeh tied with a grayish-brown agal. In at least one recent drawing, he is shown to have one, small golden earring. He is sometimes depicted wearing a white robe when not in his military uniform. His legs are wrapped in what appears to be a white cloth and he wears brown shoes. He has a long brown staff with a curved top, though it has alternatively been colored with stripes. In some artwork, he is depicted with an Anubis-like creature.
Appearance (Chibi):

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He can see paranormal things. (i.e spirits, dead people, mythical creatures, etcetera)
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Masr Om El Donia.
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