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 Seoul, South Korea's capital

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Kibum (Seoul)
Kibum (Seoul)

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PostSubject: Seoul, South Korea's capital   Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:44 pm

Name: Im Kibum

Representative of: Seoul, South Korea

Gender: Male

Age: 23 as a human, around 2,034 since first settled
(human and historical)

Brief personality: Kibum is a friendly guy and is pretty easy to get along with. He doesn't generally voice his opinions, and would rather go with what others say. He's a shrugger, the kind of guy that if asked "pizza or Chinese take out" he'd say he wouldn't care which. Kibum is pretty glued to electronics. He's often found tweeting, looking at cute outfits on pintrest, or just playing the newest game that just came out.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief physical description: Kibum is a short guy, only 5'5" tall. He has a pretty average appearance with tawny skin and dark hair. His eyes are long and dark brown as well. He dresses to lowkey keep up with fashion, dressing in current trends but not making himself stand out. Kibum needs glasses and wears hipster frames.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief history: Seoul was first settled on the Han river thousands of years ago. Since then it has been homes of palaces and acted as capital. It has faced both China and Japan in wars. It has also faced North Korea, being close to the battle field. In the end it became the capital of South Korea, and is now the fourteenth largest city.
(at least 5 sentences)

Religious affiliation: Lowkey Buddhist

Any special powers or abilities: Kibum is good with fashion and technology.
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Seoul, South Korea's capital
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