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 이봐! Need anything, da-ze?

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Im Soo Jin

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PostSubject: 이봐! Need anything, da-ze?   Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:44 am

South Korea

Im Soo-Jin.

Representative of:
South Korea.


Human: 16.
Place: Born on the 15 of August, 1945.

Brief personality:
At first glance, anyone could tell that Soo-Jin is an excitable extrovert; which is very much true. Often going to parties, she’d definitely a partyanimal and enjoys spending times with others. Of course, she does enjoy her fair-share of videogames, the internet, and- her most favorite- K-dramas. Speaking of dramas, she’s rather sensitive and her feelings can get hurt easily, even if the person didn’t mean any harm.
Usually, she acts childish around everyone; when it comes to elders, though, she acts the same. Quite the mischevious one, really.

When it comes to relationships, however, it's a totally different story. Of course, she's used to getting compliments and people pursuing her, so she's trained herself not to fall in love with certain people. Whenever someone tries to confess, she backs away. In all honesty, Soojin isn't commited. Not ready to get into a full on relationship, she's afraid that if she'll make one wrong move she'll leave another person in heartbreak. Like she's done to many people in the past. However, some people often get the wrong idea when she pecks a cheek or offers endless compliments- she's doing these things as friends, not because she's looking for a romantic relationship.

Brief physical description:
Soo-Jin used to have silky, black, hair that came a bit past her shoulders, but now, after a haircut, she has short, orange dyed hair that comes a bit past her earlobes. Like her male counterpart, she too, has an ahoge on the right side of her head. Often, there’s a face drawn into it, representing her “Korean Spirit.” Her eyes are brown, too, and she stands at the short height of 5'0.
Usually, she’ll either be seen wearing a red and white hanbok with long sleeves. However, nowadays, she sometimes wears oversized sweaters/t-shirts with shorts or a skirt.
A General Idea of Her Appearance:

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

Color in Chatbox: #CC99CC.
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이봐! Need anything, da-ze?
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