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 Would you like me to sing you something?

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Ai Hoshi≾Tochiuta≿

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PostSubject: Would you like me to sing you something?   Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:20 am

Hoshi Ai



Physical Description:
Eyes: Light purple
Hair: Lavender
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105lb
More Info: Her attire was slightly based off a futuristic and galaxy type design. The boots she wears reaches up to her thighs and is seen to have a silver brace on the ankle that have a power button on the side along with a Music wave look with it. Looking closely enough it is easy to tell the whites of her eyes around a light gray color instead of a normal white. Ai is seen with an ahoge on the top of her hair that has a star inside of it. The female is often seen wearing a head set that has a star on them.


Brief Personality:
Ai is a calm and timid girl, the usually tends to stay silent when she is around a group of people. She usually tries to be polite to people and normally can't bring herself to say no when someone asks her to do something. Since she is a little shy, it's pretty easy to make her get flustered. Ai can be a bit oblivous to certain things though this doesn't mean she oblivious with everything. There are times she will get pretty rude though most of the time she doesn't realize this and will apologize immedietly to the person she offends. It's easy to tell that Ai has a love for music, mostly because she will play instruments and sing when she is by herself.

Personal History:
Work in Progress.

Representative Of:
土地 歌

“土地 ” means Land and “歌” means Song, so it's suppose to mean Land of Songs.

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
April 22nd, 2999

Democratic republic.

Shuu Kai



Northern Pacific Ocean.



Coat of Arms:

"Bring forth Peace, with Music"

Tochiuta was a man made island created by a pretty wealthy man in tokyo Japan, the creation of the island started around 2501 and was completed around 2999. It was named Tochiuta, by the the creator because he loved music, especially the music that was made by the well known vocaloids/utauloids.
A few weeks after the island was finished, cities and towns were constructed it took a few years but in the end it was finished with a few casualties. People from all around were welcomed to the island with open arms and treated with some respect by others. During the process of people moving onto the island the Ruler took care of his family which consisted of his wife, 16 year old son Kai, and his friend Ai who he had taken into his family after her parents died during the construction of the cities.
As time passed on the island the ruler hired some scientists to create Androids, ones that are more human than machine, it took years for them to finally create one that was almost exactly like a human that could do things normal humans could do. The first one created was actually given to Kai on his 18th birthday as a gift, the android given to him had long lavender colored hair and was dressed in unique attire.. Though as soon as word got out about the android those who were jealous started to plan something.
It was weeks after the birthday of the Rulers son that people attacked, giving minor injuries to the boy and putting Ai close to death. The son begged his father to try and find a way to save her, in the end the ruler decided to have the scientists get most of Ai’s memory saved into a computer before her brain stopped working and upload the memories into the Android given to his son. It was close but they had managed to pull through in the end.
The people who had assaulted the two were sentenced to death via lethal injection..
A few years after the assault the ruler died leaving his son and his wife to help the island prosper.
(I suck at histories :P )

Japan: Positive relations. Trade partners.
UK: "Okay" relations. Trade partners.
US: Okay relations. Trade partners.
China: Good relations. Trade partners.

Major Exports:
Music, Technology, and Foods

Religious Affiliation:
No specific religion.

Special Abilities

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Would you like me to sing you something?
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