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 Hello, how are you?

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PostSubject: Hello, how are you?    Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:18 am

Miyazaki Luka



Physical Description:
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Pink.
Height: 5’3” (162 cm)
Weight: 99 lb (45 kg)
More Info: She is based on the “Yamaha VL1 VL-1.” Her dress was designed to look old fashioned, to make her represent the past, as a form of contrast, the “∞” on her neck area represents “sound around.” Her design incorporates woodwind and brass instruments. The gold curl design on her chest mimics brass instruments and a circulatory organ. The blue jewel near her throat represents moisture in the air and water drops.


Brief Personality:
Luka is a lovely and inviting young woman with a vibrant personality and good intentions for everyone all around. She’s supportive of her friends and loves to make others smile, being generous as well. Not all sweet, she’s got a bit of sass and will leave a sour taste in your mouth if you piss her off. Deep down, she’s a hopeless romantic who values the idea of love greatly, wanting nothing more than to find loving friends and possibly a romantic partner. Don’t get me on how kinky she is, though, as she’s very sexually driven, though she isn’t a slut. She knows how to party and have fun, so if you invite her to your party, you better be ready for a shittonne of fun. ;)

Personal History:
Coming soon.

Representative Of:

“愛” means love and “陸” means land, so it was supposed to mean “land of love,” but the Japanese word for love is ai, so it could also mean “land of AIs.”

Former Country Names:

Day Formed:
January 30th, 3009.

Democratic republic.

Oki Shiri.



Pacific Ocean.

4,028 mi².


Coat of Arms:

“Stronger than steel.”

The man-made island of Airiku has always been close to Japan and has had many influences from it. At the beginning, the land was peaceful, since its main contribution was making robots and AIs. That is, until robots started to gain the ability to think... And kill. In 3069, an outburst of AIs started killing humans, the first victim being Luka herself. The robots were trying to find a way to reach other lands, so the entire island had to be bombed by other nations until it was completely flat. No one survived but the people at sea. Eventually, after the aftermath was cleaned up, people started to inhabit the area, to where it was back up to a half of it's population in 3200.

(More coming soon.)

Japan: Positive relations. Trade partners.
UK: Okay relations. Trade partners.
US: Okay relations. Trade partners.
France: Okay relations. Trade partners.

Major Exports:
Robots, metal, and technology.

Religious Affiliation:
No specific religion.

Special Abilities
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Hello, how are you?
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