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Yukiko (Hokkaido)

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Honda Yukiko. (Reversed for Western Order,) 由紀子 ホンダ。
*Yukiko isn't a blood relative of the Honda family, having been born and raised amongst the Ainu. Originally, her name was Toitoi but she had it changed once Minamoto no Yoshitsune conquered Hokkaido.

Representative of:

Hokkaido. (Island and Prefecture)




Place: Hokkaido was originally settled in about 720 A.D.
Human: 22.

Brief personality:
At first glance, Yukiko is a quiet girl who speaks only if spoken to. However, she often puts off a tough, strong demeanor and doesn't break her deadpans. The hardships in her past have led her to this, making her emotionally strong and capable. One things she hates, by the way, is being taken care of. Always refusing help in even the most dire of states, some people wonder how she manages to push everyone away.
It may or may not be because of this, but she's often told of lacking a sense of humor. When she's making a joke, she's probably being just as serious as before. Along with this, being brutally honest is one of her trademarks. Maybe not to people who deserve respect, but people other than that will receive her most honest answer, wether it's rude or not. One thing she's not honest about, though, is how kind she acts around people she hates. Take Japan, a deep hate still boils inside her because of the Ainu conquering, but Yukiko shows kindness nonetheless.

Aside from that, one would take notice how clumsy she is despite being a former samurai, often tripping over her own two feet.

Brief physical description:

With pale skin and light, yellow-ish, eyes deriving from her Ainu ancestors, one could easily tell that she's not a blood relative to Japan. Ainu tattoos cover the majority of her arms and legs, which she'd gotten to honor her island's indigenous people, and to repel evil spirits. Her short height of 5'0 comes from her Ainu heritage as well, ethnically being typically shorter than the average Japanese person.
Her long, black, ebony hair is often put up in a ponytail or bun, occasionally decorated with a Yamazakura flower. Rarer yet, a matanpushi headband or beaded ornaments.
Often, she can be seen wearing a kimono. But, more often she can be seen wearing short-shorts, skirts, jeans and just a t-shirt. Due to Hokkaido's naturally cold weather, being Japan's northernmost island, a large overcoat isn't uncommon.

"Ainu are shorter than the Japanese people, with lighter features, robust body and short limbs.....Ainu have not such pronounced almond-shaped eyes and lack the Mongoloid fold of the eye; the nose is large and straight."

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Converted to Shinto. Originally and still believes in Animism.

Any special powers or abilities:

Color in chatbox: #663366.
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