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 Sondara Isles app

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Gumi ✴Sondara Isles✴

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PostSubject: Sondara Isles app   Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:47 pm

Codename “GUMI”



Physical Description:
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
Weight:108 lbs
More Info:
(Briefly describe what she looks like and maybe her outfit as well if you wish)


Brief Personality: GUMI is often seen curled up, not wanting to talk to anybody, but she has a soft spot for Kaito, who she has a love hate relationship with. She likes to lay around and be lazy, and will eat almost anything. Sometimes, GUMI can be really depressed or be scared of everything, balled up in the corner, and some days she can be Really happy and vibrant. She loves to read, and despises movie remakes of books with a passion. GUMI tends to use her brains over her brawn (or lack of it) but she still has powers which she can use.

Personal History: GUMI was a small child, born in a small town, on a small island in the Sondara Isles. She had been living peacefully with both of her parents and the rest of the village, when news came by boat that they had been on an Island that was sold to the nation of Tiberius. This did not affect the villagers much at first, but soon enough, as another boat came bringing news of plague, the people became fearful. Her Parents started to lock GUMI in their basement during night times to keep her as far away as possible from a possible plague. Eventually however, a mass exodus occured, and several hundred Tiberian refugees came, who were supposedly free from the plague that ravaged the nation. A hand few of them managed to sneak on, despite the plague from which they suffered. This plague spread quickly, and a dispatch of soldiers was sent in to kill the inhabitants of the Island, which they presumed to be all infected. When the soldiers killed her infected parents, GUMI, rushed out to help them, weeping. The soldier, about to shoot GUMI, realized that somehow, the girl had miraculously avoided, and turned her in too his commander, who turned the girl into HIS commander, and so on, until the chief of the Military Pathogen Control Forces (MPCF) was informed of this little girl. He immediately ordered this small girl to be taken to a highly secret facility, somewhere far away, and she would be given the codename of GUMI, or Gastrointestinal Unaffected Matriarch Inclination. A name which roughly means "Important lady we think is immune to this disease of the intestines". They were correct in their assumption relating to her Immunity, and they had the data to prove it, but before anything they could even come close to making anything resembling a cure, almost all of the scientists were killed by the infection they were trying to cure. All but one of the remaining people fled the facility to spend what little time they had left with their families. The one man who stayed was the soldier who had almost killed her. He stayed behind inside of the facility, even after the door was permanently sealed to prevent the disease from spreading any faster. The soldier let GUMI free inside of the facility, and stayed with her, and comforted her. He played with her and somehow lasted out a few months without becoming infected. in that time, the soldier gained GUMI's trust by telling her stories, playing games, and even making her a teddy bear once! Slowly, however, the soldier's kindness turned to aggression, and lust. It was not long before the soldier grew tired of his hand, and began forcing himself upon GUMI. Once he found out that he was infected with the disease, the soldier, now quite insane, beat GUMI within an inch of her life, destroyed every relic she had of her family in front of her eyes, and then chained her to a wall, naked. he had his way with her forcefully a few more times, before he decides to put her on life support, lock the door to the room that he had chained up the girl in. GUMI was left on the wall, unable to move. The soldier defecated of a picture of her parents in plain view, and then shot himself in the head. GUMI was left on the wall, crying, wishing she could be with her parents, and being fearful of what would happen if any other soldiers found her. She stayed on this wall for the better part of 200 years, being maintained by a life support system, slowly going insane until finally, she was found, dead, by an expeditionary team in search of the secret base that was mentioned in some plague-era documents, containing the apparently immune person. They found her dead, naked, with what appeared to be the skeleton of a baby underneath her. still chained to the wall. The expeditionary force decided that this person must have been who they were looking for and had her sent back to the Capitol via Emergency scientific escort. Once recreated as a vocaloid, GUMI woke up violently, and literally killed the first person who tried to calm her down. She was tased, and sent to a different, hospital. A mental hospital. Once there, she miraculously started to become rehabilitated. She told doctors her story, and became a celebrity. Eventually, she was deemed fit to be released into the real world, but occasionally she has outbreaks still.

Representative Of:
Sondara Isles Autonomous SAR (special administrative region) of Tiberius

Literally meaning “echo” or “resonance” in native language.

Former Country Names:
Federated states of Micronesia

Day Formed:November, 3rd, 2083

Special administrative region, partially autonomous.

People's Congress of Tiberius

Capital: Palikir


A few miles to the southeast of Tiberius, across a narrow strait.

Size: about 600 small islands


Coat of Arms:

Motto:Memoria Vocat Sapientes (Memory calls the wise ones)

History:Used to be it’s own nation of about 600 islands known as “the Federated States of Micronesia” and enlisted into the Confederation of the Pacific Nations, or the CoPN,which later became it’s own nation, known as Oseria, with The islands inside of it. The Micronesians resisted against the Oserian nation, and sought assistance from other nations, but received none. Eventually, the people of Micronesia were bombed as test subjects for the Oserian nuclear program. This caused the people to become highly irradiated, and caused mutations, like green hair. The nation was quickly re-conquered, and the people were pretty oppressed. Eventually, the Islands were given too Tiberius as an offering of peace. The people were initially very relieved, but soon, they found out that there was a plague spreading through the nation of Tiberius, and they were almost wiped out.

Tiberius- friendly.
Oseria- They despise each other

Major Exports:
Volcanic minerals, seafood

Religious Affiliation: They worship a god known as Nylarthop

Special Abilities: Can turn into computer software and teleport, and can control water, given how she is islands.
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Sondara Isles app
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