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 The Atlantic Ocean.

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Ektós (Atlantic Ocean)

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PostSubject: The Atlantic Ocean.   Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:35 pm

Ektós (Εκτός).
Means ‘outside.’
To humans, she’s Selestia Cybelle Nerine, since she isn’t too keen on revealing she’s a nymph.

Representative of:
The Atlantic Ocean.


Human: Looks about 25.
Historical: Older than can be recorded.

Brief personality:
Ektos is a curious and reckless individual, but she isn’t the least bit dumb. She can get herself in trouble with her mischief, often saying things that she regrets. Even though she’s extremely smart, she doesn’t always think before she speaks, and when she’s angry, she acts on impulse. She also tears up when she’s extremely angry, and her actions can be unpredictable and dangerous. Otherwise, she’s a spunky, optimistic nymph with a carefree spirit. She grabs life by the dick and beliefs life’s too short to miss opportunities, even though she’s immortal. Although she loves people, she doesn’t trust a single soul, and hides any and all secrets from even those who are close to her. You are lucky if she decides to tell you anything about herself, but if you find out who she really is, she acts quickly. She erases the minds of anyone who finds out she’s a Nereid since she can’t bare the shame of being kicked out. Besides, she doesn’t want to be seen as a nymph, but rather just like anyone else.

Since she’s physically able to, she loves to dive into the depths of the ocean and watch wildlife. Swimming is one thing she’ll never pass up the opportunity to do, and if the last thing she saw was the ocean before she died, she’d die happy. She can cross the sea within seconds, being able to appear anywhere with water as long as the starting point and end point are connected. Although she doesn’t need a boat to travel across the ocean, she loves to sail and she used to dress up as a male in order to get aboard pirate ships.

Brief physical description:
Ektos is a young, slender woman of a tall stature, standing at 5’10”. She has soft and elegant facial features, countered by the fierce yet wise look in her grey eyes. She has long, dark eyelashes and perfect eyebrows, without needing to trim them. Her hair is a blonde so light that it almost seems white, which is long and soft. The strands of hairs in the front are normally tied into braids near her chin. Even though smooth, her bangs are usually styled wildly, or swept just across her face. Her skin is soft and pale, yet she has gills on her waist and hips and the back of her neck. Her fingernails and toenails are unusually hard and slightly pointy, even though she cuts them regularly. She can breathe and see clearly underwater and can swim down to the darkest depths of the ocean without her lungs being collapsed by pressure. She’s physically very athletic from all of the swimming she does on a regular basis, and from how intense it is. Although she looks frail from a distance, she can easily bend a bar of metal in her bare hands. Overall, she’s gorgeous and her beauty is hard to match.


Brief history:
The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest of the world's oceanic divisions, following the Pacific Ocean. With a total area of about 106,400,000 square kilometres (41,100,000 sq mi), it covers approximately 20% of the Earth's surface and about 29% of its water surface area. Its name refers to Atlas of Greek mythology, making the Atlantic the "Sea of Atlas".

The oldest known mention of “Atlantic” is in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC (Hdt. 1.202.4): Atlantis thalassa (Greek: Ἀτλαντὶς θάλασσα; English: Sea of Atlas). The term Ethiopic Ocean, derived from Ethiopia, was applied to the southern Atlantic as late as the mid-19th century. Before Europeans discovered other oceans, their term "ocean" was synonymous with the waters beyond the Strait of Gibraltar that are now known as the Atlantic. The early Greeks believed this ocean to be a gigantic river encircling the world.

The Atlantic Ocean occupies an elongated, S-shaped basin extending longitudinally between Eurasia and Africa to the east, and the Americas to the west. As one component of the interconnected global ocean, it is connected in the north to the Arctic Ocean, to the Pacific Ocean in the southwest, the Indian Ocean in the southeast, and the Southern Ocean in the south (other definitions describe the Atlantic as extending southward to Antarctica). The equator subdivides it into the North Atlantic Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean.

Personal Info:
Xechno is a sea nymph, which is called a Nereid. There are 50 daughters of the god Nereus, but the 51st hasn’t been mentioned by Homer or Hesiod – that’s her. It’s because erases the minds of anyone who dares figure out that she’s a sea nymph.

Most Nereids are associated with the Aegean Sea, but since she got kicked out of the family, she ran off to roam the Atlantic Ocean. Other Nereids represented what was beautiful and kind about the sea, but she represented a few negative qualities, so she was banished. In the Atlantic Ocean, she became the embodiment of the sea, singing its feelings.

(I’ll add more about the story soon.)

Religious affiliation:
She’s part of several different mythologies.

Any special powers or abilities:
Her voice can erase memories. She can also appear anywhere with water as long as the starting point and end point are connected.

This character’s hexcode is #006666.
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The Atlantic Ocean.
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