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 The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth.

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Amber (Diamond City)

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Location : Diamond city, The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth.

PostSubject: The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth.   Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:38 pm

Amber McDonough.

Representative of:
Diamond City, from Fallout 4.


Human: 19.
Place: 150-200.

Brief personality:
In general, Amber tend to an energetic extrovert with optimistic ideas. Even in the worst of situtions, she tries to look for the bright side of things- and people, too. Instead of poiting out bad traits, she tries to seek out the good in even the worst of people. People say this is one of the many reasons like her, and some say she’s a natural, resourceful leader. However, she can be serious at times- and when she is, the citizens of the Diamond City say she’s absolutely terrifying. But, she’s rather naive, never expecting lies and betrayals. And thus, you could say she’s quite fragile despite her tough appearance. Don’t hurt her, but don’t worry, she isn’t one to plot revenge. In fact, she’s pretty forgiving- but only after you gain her trust. If you break your trust, most likely she won’t even try to be your ally anymore.

Brief physical description:
Amber appears young and youthful, only having some wrinkles and scars from warfare. She has short, wavy brown/amber hair, that’s held back by goggles. Her skin’s rather tan from spending so much time working and hanging out in the outdoors. She either wears a minutemen outfit, explorer’s gear, or more commonly, a soldier’s uniform. Her eyes are a pale blue, or grey, and she doesn’t bother with make-up at all.

Brief history:
FO4 Spoilers:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

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The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth.
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