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 Tch.. CCG is pathetic..

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Mei Suzuki(Aogiri Tree)

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PostSubject: Tch.. CCG is pathetic..   Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:12 pm

Mei Suzuki

Representative of:
Aogiri Tree


Human: 17
Historical: The historical age is unknown

Brief personality:
Mei tends to keep away from big crowds and stay silent, though she isn't antisocial. She just doesn't think it okay to get close to someone especially when the person could be an enemy. Though if you manage to get close to her and be her friend you will see that she can be pretty outgoing and a bit odd, but she can get pretty serious when she needs to. Mei tends to give off a bit of an eerie vibe though it might be because she is a ghoul and not a normal person. She doesn't really get upset/angry easily, though she does get irritated but doesn't show it. Though be careful if you manage to piss her off, because she won't hesitate to start a fight. Mei enjoys a good fight and loves to get violent, it's easy to tell she has a bit of a sadistic side.

Brief physical description:
She is seen to have shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. Her skin is pretty pale and on her waist is a tattoo of blood red roses on a vine. Her attire consists of a light gray long sleeved undershirt along with a purple short-sleeved shirt that says 'Music is Peace', plus a skirt with some black biker shorts, and a pair of converses. When ever she is out hunting she is seen wearing a blue stripped shirt with a coat on top and some shorts. She is also seen wearing a black wig and a mask when she is hunting. Also, in her casual attire she is usually seen wearing a scarf.


Brief history:
Aogiri Tree (アオギリの樹, Aogiri no Ki, lit. Chinese Parasol Tree) is a terrorist organization of ghouls that has usurped the power in the 11th Ward and has been actively combating the CCG, inflicting heavy losses on them. In recent years, Aogiri has grown in power, becoming a large threat to the CCG and developing a notorious reputation among ghouls. Combating this growing strength and influence of the organization has become one of the CCG's most pressing priorities.
Organization(kinda its History):

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
She has a ukaku type kagune that helps with her hunting like most ghouls.

Mei's color in the chatbox is #CC3333
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Tch.. CCG is pathetic..
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