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 A speech, by me.

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PostSubject: A speech, by me.   Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:08 pm

The other night, I rewatched "My Name is Khan." I, as a Muslim, was very touched- emotionally and religiously.
Many moments I could relate to, and those that made me ask questions of plenty. The dried tears on my cheeks that now stain my blankets were shed, shed for the innocent who died too early. For those who are terrorized for not what they did, but what terrorist. Why do these people get punished, for a crime done by their brothers- no, enemies? Why are they constantly tormented, attacked, and abused for doing nothing but believing.
As I was watching, I asked Allah "Why? Why does this happen to the best of people?" and I have yet to receive a reply. Why is it that the American people fear names: Oman, Faraj, Mahmood...Khan.
Why do these simple, harmless names summon a military capable of murdering an entire country- and those who don't deserve a painful end. Due to their ignorance, people who have the slightest looks of a Pakistani, Arabian- shot down. From Hindus, to Sikhs, and even Jews.
Why we are we believed to be the most violent religion, when it's them doing the killing? Why is it that the hijab my mother wears poses a threat? Does an old woman walking her grandson to school look like the causer of 9/11? No. Then why would it change depending on her clothes? What if she were wearing a hijab and salwar kameez? What would you do then?
Now, I do admit that some of us Muslims can be violent at times- but those who are, are looked down upon in our society. Sure, these violent blood thirsty terrorist who label themselves as Muslims- feel free to end them. You'd be doing us Muslim a favor. "
Why? We're killing your kin!" We don't consider them apart of our faith.
And that's that.

Muslims are not blood thirsty or violent.

Muslims are human.

Muslims are not terrorists.
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Ichigo Hitofuri (粟田口)

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PostSubject: Re: A speech, by me.   Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:16 pm

Man... I felt sad reading this ;w;
I felt exactly the same way when I was reading "I am Malala". Now, I am neither a muslim or live in the United States so I doubt I'll ever fully understand what others are going through... but then I feel a little guilty for what the people at my church say regarding this issue.
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A speech, by me.
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