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 Crap! I ran out of food money!

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Bee (Apartment 207)

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PostSubject: Crap! I ran out of food money!   Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:56 am

Name: Bee

Representative of: Apartment 207 (Bee and Puppycat)

Gender: Female

Age: She is 22 physically and literally she is 3 years old. (Bee and Puppycat began its series on 2013.)

Brief personality: Bee is space-casey and impulsive, she often acts without thinking which leads to her getting into trouble. She is shown to be very kind, and didn't hesitate to bring PuppyCat home when he first landed on her and used her money to buy Deckard a casserole after he bought her one. She doesn't give up easily; even though she has no skills or magic of her own, she does what she can to win fights and help her friends. She places her loyalty to those she considers friends very quickly. When PuppyCat is called a monster and grabbed by a tongue, Bee is quick to come to his defense, even after having only just met him the previous day. Bee has a somewhat gluttonous side to her, wishing she dreamed about food, and taking one of Cass's burgers. This may, however, be an extension of her not having enough money to buy food. Bee is also afraid of water, as shown in "Beach", a liking to Deckard and constantly has dreams about Puppycat.

Brief physical description: Bee has light skin, dark eyes, and long, thick, brown hair. She has a soft round face and curvy body. Her outfit in the pilot consists of a yellow sweater with a peter pan collar and a bee on it, pink shorts, and brown shoes with pink ribbon laces. In Food onwards, she wears a pink skirt with pockets and brown shoes and mismatched socks. While dreaming she has a long blue dress and purple hair with white socks and purple shoes. Her original temp uniform consists of white body armor with pink shoulders and a bell as well as a white helmet with a pink visor and brown cat ears, making it look similar to PuppyCat. She wears other outfits throughout the series.
When she was fired:
Usual outfit:
Her another usual outfit:
When dreaming:
Temp uniforms:

Brief history: Apartment 207 is Bee's home and base of operations. Bee lived alone in her apartment until she took in PuppyCat. Originally, the living room of Bee's apartment was sparingly furnished with a blue sofa, a triangle side table, a blue lamp, a portrait of Pretty Patrick winking, and twinkling lights in the window. After the redesign, the room looks considerably larger and is packed with much more furniture. The layout has also changed, with the most notable changes being the new floorplan and the increased storage space in an open attic.
Her apartment:

Personal history:

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities: Bee is said to have no noticeable skills and has yet to pass any schooling after high school.
Bee's Dreams:
Temp Uniforms:

Her color in the chatbox is #ff3366.
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Crap! I ran out of food money!
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