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 Step into my shop, tell me tarot or palm? (New Orleans app)

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Marie Dufrene(New Orlean)
Marie Dufrene(New Orlean)

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PostSubject: Step into my shop, tell me tarot or palm? (New Orleans app)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:40 pm

Name: Marie Dufrene

Representative of: New Orleans


23 appearence wise
298 actual age

Brief personality:
Marie is a woman who is almost always on the go, she’s always has something to do. She is a very spiritual woman as she has a very heavy set belief in the voodoo culture of louisiana. She is a very spoken woman who will listen to anyone speak, and enjoys the company of others as she has a belief of what comes around goes around and tries often to put out good mojo. She’s an artistic person who can at times be found painting in random areas as she enjoys the freedom painting brings. She is a stubborn woman as once she’s made her mind for her wellbeing,she doesn’t change it.
Brief physical description:
Marie is a woman who reaches the height of 5’4 and has short but thick kinky hair that she keeps in a natural way. She’s often seen wearing clothing that is a mixture of hippy and gypsy like, or something alternative in a sense. She tends to wear a lot of necklaces and jewelry on her being. Marie also has a few tattoos on her with the locations being one on her right wrist which stops mid lower arm, one on the back of her neck, and one on her right shoulder. She also tends to carry around a purse that contains a variety of items such as tarot card decks, gems, gris gris bags and more. She sometimes also has a cat or two following her around.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Voodoo, Catholicism

Any special powers or abilities: Voodoo/spiritual powers.

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Step into my shop, tell me tarot or palm? (New Orleans app)
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