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 What is it?...(Male Sloth REVAMP)

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Levente Euphrosyne(Sloth)

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PostSubject: What is it?...(Male Sloth REVAMP)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:45 am

Levente Acedia Euphrosyne

Representative of:


Appearance Wise: 18
As a Demon: Over 1,000 years older
As a Rep: As old as time

Brief personality:
Levente isn’t known to be an active male, in fact he is the exact opposite. He isn’t ever motivated to do work and prefers to be laying around all day, doing absolutely nothing. Being the sin Sloth, he is one to avoid doing work as much as possible and purposefully procrastinating so he can get out of doing a job. Much like his sister he tends to distance himself from people as well as stay silent, not really being the talkative type. The most work the male does is the one job he was assigned to by Malachi himself, which was coaxing lost souls to hell where they could either become a demon or suffer. He was given the job because of his ability to lull people into relaxed state as well as his lack of emotion, so if the soul would suffer he would feel no remorse.

Brief physical description:
Levente is known to be an average sized male with the height of 5’8” and pretty skinny for his height. His hair is seen to be a silvery white color that always seems to be a mess and unkempt. Unlike his sister his eye color is seen to be an icy blue color as well as dark rings under his eyes. He has horns and a tail that match his sister though he isn’t one to have them showing like she does and much like his sister he has scars all along his body. His attire consists of a baggy t-shirt along with loose fitting pajama short, along with a tattered scarf.

Brief history:
Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins in Christian moral tradition, particularly within Catholicism, referring to laziness.
Sloth is defined as spiritual or emotional apathy, and being physically and emotionally inactive.
Religious views concerning the need for one to work to support society and further God's plan and work also suggest that, through inactivity, one invites the desire to sin. "For Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do." ("Against Idleness and Mischief" by Isaac Watts).
In the Philokalia, the word dejection is used instead of sloth, for the person who falls into dejection will lose interest in life. Laziness is not considered becoming in many traditional customs. The demon of sloth is Belphegor.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He has the ability to cause humans and creatures that are weaker than him to become tired, depressed, or unmotivated. These effects cannot affect the other sins unless they are weaker than him. Much like his sister and the other sins he can also levitate.

Levente’s color in the chatbox is #330066

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What is it?...(Male Sloth REVAMP)
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