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 Shut-a your face! (FemRomano App)

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Chiara Vargas(FemRomano)
Chiara Vargas(FemRomano)

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Shut-a your face! (FemRomano App) Empty
PostSubject: Shut-a your face! (FemRomano App)   Shut-a your face! (FemRomano App) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 28, 2016 6:29 pm

Chiara Vargas

Representative of:
South Italy


Human: 20
Historical: Created after Rome fell in 476 AD.

Brief personality:
Unlike her twin sister, Chiara is a little more strict and less social. There are times she will act timid, but when people point it out she will flat out deny it, as well as threaten the person who pointed it out. Even though as a child she might have seemed lazy and/or clumsy, now that she is older she is a lot smarter, stronger, and a little more hot headed, when push comes to shove she won't hesitate to blow a hole into someone with a gun. Even if it doesn't seem like she cares, Chiara is a sweet heart down to the core and really cares about her friends and family, she just tries to hide it so now one thinks she is weak. Also, unlike her twin sister, Chiara is a lot mor vulgar than her, calling other bastards most of the time and using a lot more curse words.

Brief physical description:
Chiara has dark brown, wavy shoulder length hair, along with an olive complexion. Her eyes are seen to a green color. Most of the time she is seen to be wearing a khaki colored uniform, the skirt for the uniform usually reaching mid thigh, along with heels. There are a lot of times she will flat out take off the heels she wears, complaining that they are hurting her feet. Most of the time she is seen wearing a red(sometimes pink head band) and like her male counter part she has a curl that rests on the right side of her head.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:
Roman Catholicism

Any special powers or abilities:

Chiara's color in the chatbox is #330033
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Shut-a your face! (FemRomano App)
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