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 ...Hi. (South Dakota app)

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Jacob P. Jones (SD)

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PostSubject: ...Hi. (South Dakota app)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:20 pm

Name:Jacob P. Jones

Representative of:South Dakota


Age: 17 (human) 126 (Historical)

Brief personality: Jacob can seem to be harsh and a cold to everyone and everything, but he has a soft spot for his twin. He is very happy with Americana and stuff, due to things such as the big giant carving known as mount Rushmore. He can sometimes be known to think that Europeans, especially Russians, are commies, but he still has respect for them (Europeans. He still doesn't like Russians). Jacob likes to annoy his twin sister a lot, but can often just want to be with her, without annoyance. Jacob is desensitized to most things, but can't handle the sight of broken bones where you can see the thing bending in an unnatural way.

Brief physical description: Jacob has Messy brown hair, and a four leaf clover clip holding his bangs out of his face. He has scars over a lot of his skin, which is fairly tan. He is seen most of the time wearing a button up white shirt and a tan-is sweater over it. He usually keeps his shirt pushed back to the elbows, and doesn't tuck his button up shirt into his dress pants. He sometimes will be seen walking around with his twin's clothes on just to mess with them.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Agnosticism

Any special powers or abilities: Nope.
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...Hi. (South Dakota app)
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