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 Oh, Hello! [North Dakota app]

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Jade E. Jones(ND)

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PostSubject: Oh, Hello! [North Dakota app]   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:56 pm

Jade E. Jones

Representative of:
North Dakota


As a Human: 17 y/o
As a Place: 127 y/o

Brief personality:
Jade is seen to be a sweet and caring type of girl, though when it comes to someone hurting her family she won't hesitate to snap at them, as well as act rude to said person. It's easy to make her worry, especially when it comes to her twin brother, though sometimes she will no signs of worry but in her head she is panicking. There are times she will get a little snappy and act a little rude to some people, though it is rare for this to happen. Jade is known to love to have a little bit of a rivalry with her twin though sometimes she will just wanna be close to them. Over all, Jade likes to try to please people and stay on their good side and she doesn't really like to start any fights.

Brief physical description:
Jade is seen to have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, a pink flower clip holding back some of her bangs. Her skin is pale, but slightly tanned as well. Her attire consists of a white button up shirt with a sweater vest over top it, along with a red bow on the collar, she is also seen wearing a gray skirt and white knee high socks along with some black dress shoes. There are days she is seen wearing a white sundress along with a hat, plus some sandals, on these days she is usually busy in the garden. On rare occasions she will dress like her brother, just to trick some people.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
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Oh, Hello! [North Dakota app]
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