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 ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||

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Lucasta Euphrosyne(Sloth)

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PostSubject: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   Sat Mar 26, 2016 5:29 pm

||Please Read||:

It was a pretty peaceful morning at the mansion, most of the residence being asleep or out doing work, leaving the large building silent. In one of the rooms was Lucasta, who was currently sleeping with Asmodeus, snuggled up close to them. Though it wasn't long before the female woke up, feeling a slight burning pain on her back. Soon she sat up and staring blankly at her bed lap, something was off with her outfit, her gaze shifted a bit to look at her hands noticing that they were pale, instead of their normal gray color.

Her eyes widened a bit at the sight, not hesitating she lept out of bed and ran over to a full body mirror, when she saw her reflection she felt her stomach turn at the sight. Her long silver hair was a dull brown color and her eyes were a dull sky blue color instead of their normal violet color. Her pajama attire was replaced with a familiar old maid outfit. As she stared at herself she felt fear rise in her as she started to remember to old master, panicking she began to clean her room, picking up any clothes that were on the ground "I-I must get this place cleaned up before the master returns.. " she muttered softly as she looked around the room.
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Tzefira Traviata(Wrath)

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PostSubject: Re: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:34 pm

When Tzefira had woken up that morning in her room/ she had felt something was off when she had felt as if her body had been sore and it felt wrong. very wrong. She had figured such things when she had noticed her wasn't the gray color she had grown so used, it was tanned.Her skin wasn't tan...not anymore, not since...

No she had to be messed up, possible having had consumed a bad bunch of booze;yeah that had to be it. Tzefira continued to examine her skin and eyed the vanity mirror that hung in her room. Quickly forcing herself up wincing a little bit, she had made her way to the mirror and the sight made her cringe. She had gone to bed the night before bright red hair, gray skin and a gelled Mohawk, but now her appearance had changed. Instead of her bright red hair, her hair had returned to the natural ginger color it had been originally and the said hair was no longer short, it was now up in a bun. Her street clothes had been replaced with the oh so familiar Victorian dress she had loathed because it was the dress HE had enjoyed seeing her in...which at the same time had revealed all the bruises that littered her body. Yellow, blue, black, red...all of them either new or old..Oh gods no..

Tzefira began to feel dread and fear run through her system...oh gods...if she was human again.."Oh gods,no,no,no,no..." She muttered to herself as she began to step back from the mirror as if the mirror was going to hurt her. Her mind was beginning to race, all with her human life, all the memories of her final days...All her memories of HIM. In that moment, Tzefira felt vulnerable and weak.
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PostSubject: Re: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:36 pm

Gallerian woke up to the smell of something burning. He stirred, swatting at the air in an attempt to get the atrocious stench away from his nose. Ugh, which idiot burned their toast? Fucking hell, it stinks!
That wasn't all... the room felt strangely... warm. He sat up abruptly, his eyelids snapping open.
Part of his room was on fire and his robes were singed. Funny enough, he didn't even recall having worn his judge's robes to sleep. I must really have been stoned last night... He pointed his index finger at the flames, trying to use telekinesis to put them out, but.... it ignored him, continuing to flicker a bright golden orange. Cursing again, he reached for the silver teaspoon on the nightstand. For some reason, the normally pristine, shining silver appeared to have taken on a scuffed, tarnished look and some of the elaborate carving had faded. Maybe it was just the light. Gallerian directed the spoon at the flames and.... nothing. It didn't work. He slapped the utensil on the back of his hand, not sure that it would help, but he really had no idea what to do.
"Come on, fucking Marlon spoon, don't bail on me now..."
No amount of grumbling was going to make it work. The spoon had lost its power, as had the owner, Gallerian himself. He threw it back onto the table disgustedly. "Fuck." Well, looked like he was going to have to put out the fires the manual way. Taking hold of a jug of water on the table, he splashed it over the burning sections of the walls and floor and got up. Just as he was about to step through the door, his foot landed on something soft, squishy, and... wet.
It was a corpse.
The charred, blackened corpse of his beloved daughter Michelle.
Gallerian screamed, backing away from the corpse and clutching the bedframe in horror.
Who did this? I want it to stop... please make it stop!!
Images flooded into his mind like a tidal wave or floodgates let loose. The courtroom. Money, green paper and gold coins, being passed from one hand to another and stuffed down wallets and jacket-pockets. The dungeons. Watching criminals being tortured in the most gruesome ways and executed, laced with a wave of sadistic pleasure. He felt disgusted with himself. Finally, the burning mansion. Flames engulfing the parlor while his other, neglected daughter who had been born from an extramarital affair pointed a gun at his head. The green-haired girl shook with anger, wildfire dancing in her eyes.
A gunshot. A flash of pain, and then... oblivion.
He passed out at the door.

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Asmodeus Luxuria (Lust)

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PostSubject: Re: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:11 pm

Sateriasis stirred on the bed as he felt someone get out of it. He mumbled something incoherent and someone put an arm over him. Feeling it, he thought it was Lucasta because it felt feminine. He turned to the owner of the arm and he opened his eyes to smile at Lucasta. Only it wasn't Lucasta.

It was his sister.

He jumped back and yelped as he tried to piece his mind together. He sat up. How is this possible? Why is my sister here? Weren't we together forever in one body? Where no one could hurt us anymore? Where is Lu- He turned to the sound of muttering and stared at horror. There was Lucasta, her hair brown, clad in a bloody maid suit, looking scared with clothes in her arms. What is happening, what is going on?

His sister, Eden, clutched at the blanket as Sateriasis stared at his clothes. His hands shook and he tried to calm himself. His clothes... they were tattered and bloodied, like Lucasta's, but his pants was ripped open at the back part and realizing this, he gathered the blankets to himself. That's when he really saw his sister's get up.

A tattered dress. Ripped and bloodied as well. He gasped and covered both of their bodies, wanting to hide. He can remember it now, he can almost feel-


Forcing his panic back, he turned to his sister, who was blinking her eyes open. "Yes, Eden? Is there something wrong, sister?" Eden sat up slowly and winced painfully.

"Sate, my dress feels weird. Where are we...?" Eden widened his eyes at Sate. "How...? Is this a dream...?" She took notice of Sate's clothes and she gasped, covering her body as well. "What is happening? I-" Eden caught sight of Lucasta. "Is that our Sloth...?" Eden started to hyperventilate as she clutched on to what remains of her bodice and Sate tried to calm her down, hugging her, knowing that Eden can tolerate his touch, but not other people's... They both can't tolerate human touch unless it was the other who was holding them. Eden started to slow her breaths, and Sate's did too. If Lucasta was looking like that then...

Who turned them back into humans?
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Fayre Auridi(Gluttony)

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PostSubject: Re: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:22 pm

Fayre groaned softly as she shifted a bit in bed, opening her eyes slightly as she sat up in bed. She noticed it was hard to sit up feeling pretty weak. She rubbed her stomach gently, her eyes widening a bit when she noticed the mouth on her stomach was gone. In a bit of a panic she brought her hands up to her head, feeling the top of it trying to find her horns, only to find nothing. The female hesitated for a moment before getting up out of her bed, stumbling a bit as she lost balance, feeling a bit dizzy as she tried to stand up straight. "What the h-hell is going on.." she muttered as she slowly walked over to her vanity mirror, her eyes widened when she saw herself. She looked skinnier than she normally was, her hair was black and a lot messier and her eyes were a gray color.

The female backed away from the vanity, losing balance after a few steps soon landing on her ass. "this can't be..." she muttered as she looked down at herself, staring intently at her rags she called clothes. Hesitating for a moment she got up off the ground soon making her way out of her room "I- I need to check on the others..."
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Azarus Auridi (M!Envy)

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PostSubject: Re: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:53 am

Azarus could feel his body shaking upon something stiff and cold. Pain was the first thing he felt after the initial coldness. Opening his blue eyes he rubbed at them, yawning for a moment before he tensed. Pausing in place. He could see where he was. He was able to actually see. This must have been a miracle. Did sinners like himself even get miracles? Was it possible? He didn't care though as his eyes opened again to look down at the pale, freckled skin of his bare arms. He didn't have freckles, or at least he hadn't since he'd been remade as a Sin of Envy. He'd had freckles and blue eyes and...his sight when he'd been human. No, this couldn't have happened. He felt fear coil within his stomach as he shook himself hard, this was impossible. He couldn't be human again. He must have been dreaming.


No, that name. He gripped the soft yet matted clumps of his black hair as he drew his knees to his chest. He knew exactly where he was. He remembered everything that had happened. His name, when he'd been a human had once been Allen. Why was he human again? Who had turned him back. Sitting with his back against the wall he raised his head, taking in the sights of the other sins gathered around. It felt wrong to see them like this again. At the time he'd only been a young teenager of 16 moons. 16 years of age as a human. Pressing his palms to his eyes he gives a weak sounding noise before pressing his palms against his legs and sits there in silence. Looking up once more to stare at the others, his eyes fall upon Lucasta. A pained noise coming from him as he moved his body which was bruised as the others were. Standing up he walked over to the small mirror thrown in the corner and picked it up. Tilting it he stared down at his reflection. His skin was vet pale with freckles strewn randomly in places across his neck and down his arms and legs. His blue eyes bright despite the sunken look of his face. The black, matted hair curling near his jawline. His wings and horns were gone as was his tail. Putting the mirror piece down, he hesitantly made his way closer towards the others, his eyes kept down as they usually were.
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PostSubject: Re: ||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||   

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||Human Once More - Sin Ocs Only||
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