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 "Don't forget to floss~"

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Toothiana (Punjam Hy Loo)

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PostSubject: "Don't forget to floss~"    Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:27 pm

Name: Toothiana

Representative of: Punjam Hy Loo

Age: Toothiana appears to be a woman in her mid twenties. She is as old as the children's belief in her.

Gender: Female

Brief personality: Tooth is a sweet, bubbly, elegant, daring, agile, graceful, charismatic, motherly, smart, and a fierce fighter of a Guardians. She adores the children of the world, cares very much for her fleet of mini-fairies, respects her friends, and is completely infatuated with Jack Frost. She loves what she does and does it with an unimaginable passion. She is devoted to her duties as the Guardian of Memories, knowing the significance of the memories of childhood contained within the teeth her fairies collect. As she told Jack, the fairies watch over the children and their memories, and when one needs to remember what's important, they help them. She was shown to be upset that she didn't know about Jack's memory problem as she could've helped him with it which is part of her job.

Brief physical description: Tooth is a part human, part hummingbird hybrid. She has tan skin and pink eyes. Instead of hair, she has feathers that make a curved upward style. Instead of clothes, her entire body seems to be covered in mini feathers. Around her wrists and ankles there seem to be golden lines that appear to look like golden bracelets and golden anklets, as well as gold feathers on either side of her head for earrings. Tooth also has long, drapery feathers that start at her waist line and end at her knees. They give the appearance of a skirt or dress. When her feathers are unruffled, she looks like she’s wearing a princess dress, but when angry, the feathers flair out. She uses a tail with long strands of feathers to turn, much like a bird.

Brief history: Punjam Hy Loo, better known as Tooth Palace is a giant palace thought to be located somewhere in the Himalayas or Southeast Asia. It is home to Toothiana and her Mini Faeries and also where all the baby teeth of the children of the world are kept safe and hidden. The entire palace is formed from many towers hanging from the ceiling like stalactites, each one representing a different continent. Far beneath the towers there are reflecting pools and gardens from where the water has collected, providing places for meditation. These pools are filled with plants and have walls that are covered with murals depicting Toothiana's history. Punjam Hy Loo is directly depicted with Toothiana herself, having been noted that when Toothiana had begun not to be believed in by the children, the palace's interior began to slowly crumble away and darken in colour. At one time, the Tooth Palace was home to the Sisters of Flight, an immortal race of winged women who were known for being beautiful and fierce warriors

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers/abilities:

Flight: Toothiana is able to fly with the help of her faerie wings that have an appearance of dragonfly wings that are multicoloured. But her flight abilities also depend, like most of her powers upon the belief of children who believe in her. Her wings are also able to slice through things.

Combative skills: Tooth is an adept sword fighter and uses twin blades.

Omnilingualism: Tooth is able to communicate in every language possible as well as communicate to animals.

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"Don't forget to floss~"
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