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 Sometimes to expect the best from everyone is arrogance.

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Hephaestion (A. Greece)

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PostSubject: Sometimes to expect the best from everyone is arrogance.   Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:59 am

Name: Hephaestion (can be spelled as Hephaistion) Karpusi

Representative of: Ancient Greece

Gender: Male

Age: Physically he is in his early thirties and literally he is very old, he was from around 8th-6th century B.C.

Brief personality: Hephastion is a calm, gentle and clever man, which does sound like the Greeks. A part of them at least. Hephaestion is very intelligent and he has many interests, although his main interest is philosophy. He focuses on reason and inquiry. He often acts very arrogant and grand and he makes the impression that he doesn’t need anyone, especially not Rome. He's more of a brainy guy than the brawny, but he will fight if needed. He also seems to have had a reputation for both charm and quarrelsomeness by turns. But once you got to know him, you find out that he is uncertain about many things and he worries constantly for his children.

Brief physical description: Hephaestion was tall and, apparently, handsome. He has sleek, dark brown, wavy hair that reaches just past his shoulders and is accessorized with a laurel wreath, sometimes none. His hair can be put up into a low ponytail or just let loose. He prefers to let it loose though. Fixed on his face are green eyes with flecks of gold. His skin takes on a tan, and he often wears gold jewelry to accessorize it. He can usually be seen wearing a white tunic that reaches just above his knees and a pair of brown leather sandals.

Not-so Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Used to worship Greek gods and mythology. Now, he’s converted to Eastern Orthodox.

Any special powers or abilities: N/A.

His color in the chatbox is #660000.
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Sometimes to expect the best from everyone is arrogance.
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