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 Old man looking for place to stay.

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Burchard Malden|Cainhurst

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PostSubject: Old man looking for place to stay.   Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:47 pm

Name: Burchard Malden|Cainhurst

Representative of: Castle Cainhurst

Gender: Male

Age: Human, 24. Historical, 100+ age never specified.

Brief personality: Serious but able to take a joke. He can also be slightly old fashioned at times. Enjoys being alone and the cold. He can be protective at times and even be a martyr. He may have a tendency to doze off. His favourite pastime is sitting and looking at the view. And taking particularly long naps. His favourite food is ice cream and his favourite colour is grey.

Brief physical description: He looks older than he is. He has greyish hair and calloused hands. Is slightly cold to the touch. He has some of that unkempt stubble going on. He's about 6'4" and kind of a muscled-ish. He has type B blood and his shoe size is size 11. He is white, more on the pale side. Blue eyes, greying hair reaches the bottom of his head but thins out to more of a stubble at the bottom. No scars.

Brief history: So Castle Cainhurst is this big ancient castle with all the ancient candles and stuff. Got a bunch of  creepy ass statues in it. Anyway it was the home to a bunch of nobles who basically consumed this special blood called Vile Blood. They then became the Vilebloods of Cainhurst and went out feeding on people like vampires. They then moved on from normal people to these people called the healing church who eventually called upon a group called the Executioners. Then this group called the Executioners went up and killed all of them but one who was the queen of the Vilebloods  called annalise and was immortal. Logarius who was titled Martyr stayed behind at the castle to protect her rather than flee. He got the title martyr due to him sacrificing his life to protect her. He guarded her chamber and hid it with the magic from the Crown of Illusions until some fuckass hunter came and killed him. What a dick. Like, you go into this guys castle and just kill him. Rude.

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities: Well since you asked, he's got some of that kinda like magic going on. It's dope.
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Old man looking for place to stay.
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