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 Oh... Hello..

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Celeste Uni(Universe)

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PostSubject: Oh... Hello..    Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:21 pm

Celeste Uni

Representative of:


She looks about 17 but she is actually ageless
She is about as old as time itself

Brief personality:
She can be pretty quiet when she is around people she first meets, as well as very timid, thoughwhen she gets to know someone, she can open up bit to them. She can hide her emotions pretty well behind a blank stare, but if she gets upset enough she will either just frown or leave. Celeste can also be a little curious about some things, sometimes she will get oblivious and not realize that she could be invading someones personal space.

Brief physical description:
She is quiet pale with long light purple[maybe lavender] hair that reaches down to her feet, on the top of her head is a ahoge that has a star tangled up in it. She is also seen with purple colored eyes, though the whites of her eyes are a gray color. The clothes she wears usually varies though her main outfit is seen in the image below[To complicated to desc]. When she wants to dress more casual she will normally just wear a flowing white dress. There isn't a time where she seen without stars around her.


Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
She is able to summon small black holes(she can't summon big ones it drains her of her energy) and sometimes she can summon stars. Celeste can also float around, but not very high off the ground. She also has telekinesis, but she rarely uses this power.

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Oh... Hello..
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