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 In the shade, I flourish.

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Selina Prieto (Belize)

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PostSubject: In the shade, I flourish.    Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:41 pm

Selina Prieto.

Representative of:


Place: Existed ever since the Mayans.
Human: 20,

Brief personality:
Selina, overall, is smart and beautiful. She isn’t confident at all, at can be insecure at times. Often, she can be found nose in a book, this may be one reason why she’s so smart. Along with this comes the fact that she’s very much an introvert, and can get awkward in the presence of others. Also, she’s really resourceful and organized.

Brief physical description:
Selina has an afro, and her hair is blacker than night. Her skin is also dark, to match her afro. And matching all that is her eyes; they have hint of gold in them if you look close enough. Often, she’ll be seen wearing a traditional huipil. Her full outfit consists of: Huipil, jeans, heels, and a ton of jewelry to accessorize.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:
Roman Catholic.

Any special powers or abilities:
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In the shade, I flourish.
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