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 North Carolina 2P! app

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Tanner L. Jones (2P!NC)
Tanner L. Jones (2P!NC)

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PostSubject: North Carolina 2P! app   Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:16 pm


Tanner L. Jones

Representative of:
North Carolina

Them/They (Biological Female)

Human Age: 19 years old

Age as a Place: 227 in literal years

Brief personality:

Tanner L. Jones is the 2p version of Quinn. Their are more loose and wild than their 1p counterpart often being sassy and sarcastic, they’ll party, they’ll flirt and everything in between. Tanner is more unhinged as they often do not look out for the safety of others or themselves. While their 1p does enjoy fist fighting and fighting in general, Tanner will fight anyone just for pure blood lust, they do not care who likes them and who doesn’t as the will use a person for their own sick and twisted game and for fun.  They can often be found smoking or drinking in some way or form.

Brief physical description:
Tanner is 5’7 in height, with long hair hair that is dyed black with a blue fringe that is almost always down. They dress kinda punk like and wears almost all black. Tanner has a few more noticeable injuries on themselves because of their constant fights.One of the few things they share appearance is their prosthetic arm.  Tanner has a few piercings that are at different locations on their ears and almost always has a bottle of alcohol and or a cigarette/cigar with them.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Agnostic

Any special powers or abilities: N/A
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North Carolina 2P! app
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