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 Aland Islands Application

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Holly Blomgren
Holly Blomgren

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Aland Islands Application Empty
PostSubject: Aland Islands Application   Aland Islands Application Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2016 12:18 pm

Name: Holly Blomgren

Representative of: Aland Islands

Gender: Female

Age: ( Human) 20 Years Old.
      (Historically) 207
      Birthday 9 June.

Brief personality:
Aland is very close to herself. She prefers only to speak when something is majorly concerning but nevertheless she is keen to help. She has a tendency to zone out after reading for a while and is a light sleeper. She enjoys her puzzles and riddles, keeping up with modern technology and her drawing. Aland, however, tends to mumble very much like Sweden and is sometimes hard to understand. She tries to be more ecstatic and mostly asks advice from people like Finland. She is well mannered and organised most days. It is very rare to see here lose control of her situation. She never talks about her past and rarely drinks. She is a non-smoker.

Brief physical description:
Aland has long blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back which is tied in a high ponytail. Her fringe covers her forehead and sits above her eyebrows. She has a slim, tall figure and a straight back. She holds her head level but has to look up most of the time due to being a little short. She is said to be very weak but can lift things that are surprisingly heavy. Her face and skin are quite pale, but her dusted cheeks to give her back some life like qualities. She has ocean blue eyes and freckles.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 8st 11kg/ 112lbs

Brief history:
Aland was taken over by many people in her time. Originally she was with Finland and part of Abo. Later in 1714 Aland was conquered by Peter the Great ( Russia ) and most of the land was destroyed. Sweden had given up Aland to Russia and she became Russia's Territory. In 1721, Finland had returned to Sweden but some parts were given back to Russia. In 1808, the war between Sweden and Russia left both Finland and Aland terrified. Later, in 1809, The Islands and Finland ceded to Russia.
Aland also had many outbreaks of Malaria in 1853 and 1862 causing her to be ill and unable to fight back against the Russians. However, in 1907, Russia had a garrison of troops to 'protect' her from being taken. The Islands were then fortified in 1907 by Russia and the treaty of Björkö was signed giving Russia a free hand to do what he wanted to Aland.
Moving on in 1914, The islands were militarised and used as a submarine base. Later occupied by the Germans in 1918, Sweden raised the question of freedom in an early conference  ( Paris Peace Conference ) November 1918, left the Islanders sending appeals fo a reunion with Sweden. Aland was finally de-militarised in 1921 and the Aland convention was signed by Sweden, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, and Latvia.

Religious affiliation: The majority of the population, 78.3%, belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

Any special powers or abilities:
(If bilingual counts, then Yes. )

[ I apologise if this character is taken! ]
Spinning Italy  tack så mycket
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Aland Islands Application
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